Wednesday, April 19, 2006

So happy I could've skipped (so I did)

My mom had a follow up appointment today at Cedars Sinai with the doctor who performed her hysterectomy. He examined her, and reviewed the documents from the chemo oncologist. Not only did he say that the chemo doctor is doing the right things (I can't tell you how happy I was to hear that), but on doing the pelvic exam, he said that everything "in there" (what's left, I wonder?) looked terrific. He looked at her CT scan and said that too, looked great.

Keep in mind that this guy is a world-renowned surgeon in this field. He knows what he's talking about. After I got off the telephone with my mom, Patrick and I went for a walk. Or, I should say, he went for a walk, and I went for a skip. I haven't skipped in a long time, but it came pretty naturally. I highly recommend it, especially when you're super happy. I wasn't skipping, I was flying.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

"You sound very nice"

I was writing a couple of emails back and forth awhile ago with someone I don't really know, who's kind of famous, sort of, and I got a little self-conscious because we were speaking on things that I'm not very familiar with, and I was unable to punch up my end of the conversation with those witty, um, witticsms and non sequiturs that sometimes make me sound smarter/funnier/more fascinating than I really am. Delusional? Maybe.

Anyway, the stranger (no, I was not in a chat room, shut up) to whom I was writing, when I apologized for my lack of style in the emails, said to me, "No, you sound very nice." It was chivalrous of him and sweet, even, and reminded me of something, but I'm not sure what. I really liked that he said it, but it's been worrying me a little bit.

I'm just wondering if "very nice" is code for "fucking wacko." He's a pretty cool person, the speaker/writer of those words, but as I said, I don't really know him, and I don't see any case for my getting to know him, which is fine, actually, I mean, knowing him is not the point of this paragraph. The point of this paragraph is that this guy was nice, and he didn't have to be, and here I am, thinking I have to work a lot harder to be interesting when all I had to do was just, I don't know, "be myself" are the words that are supposed to go at the end of this sentence but they just look so precious and fake.