Thursday, November 12, 2015

Quick Post

Some observations, vis a vis "The Voice," and other things:

1. I must be blind, because I haven't seen anything that looks like flirting between Gwen and Blake. I guess they're a real couple, if you believe the Internet, but whatever, they're both divorced and attractive (not that that matters). I don't care, actually. I deem this a non-story!

My current favorites: Korin, Madi, and Jordan. Oh my god, Madi! That girl is amazing. And beautiful! Korin is great, too. I'd love to see her given some good, not so popular stuff: Suzanne Vega or Beth Orton (there's a song called "Worms" that I'd love to hear her sing). I like Amy too, but not sure hers is the right kind of voice for this show. I just found out that my no. 1 favorite, Ivonne Acero was eliminated this week, and I'm heartbroken, but I blame the song choice, "What if God Was One of Us?" I never liked that song, but at least the original was performed (I hope) with a bit of irony. Ivonne performed it way too sincerely, and it just fell flat. The way she crooned that throwaway line about the "maybe the Pope in Rome" was not good. I love her voice, and she's adorable (why wouldn't I love an awkward dark haired girl in giant glasses???). I'm sad she left. Gwen's coaching is worrying me. She brought back that girl, Ellie Lawrence? And then gave her "Ex's and Oh's" to perform, which she did, almost identically (but not as well) as the original? And then they all praised her for doing "her thing"? That was not her thing. That's Ellie King's thing, and it's not even all that original when she does it. Sorry, Ellie. Both of you.

2. Those signs in public restrooms that request that I not flush my "feminine products" really annoy me, so on principle, I disregard them. What's my principle, you ask? If your business is so unsuccessful that you can't afford proper plumbing, what makes you think you deserve my business? What are you spending my money on? Hookers? And don't even get me started if the stupid sign is grammatically incorrect!

3. I watched Star Wars Episode III "Revenge of the Sith" yesterday. I've seen Episodes I, II, and the "originals," but somehow missed this one. I'm sure everyone knew this (but me!!!!), but I was totally struck dumb when I found out that Annakin KILLED ALL THOSE ADORABLE JEDI BABIES. Seriously, Lucas. I knew he was a piece of shit. I didn't realize he was that horrible. I always kind of felt sorry for Vader but NOT ANYMORE.

4. I thought there was a fourth thing that I've been thinking about, but I guess not. See ya!