Monday, October 17, 2016

Attending a conference

I'm attending a conference for work in San Diego this week. It's for ADA coordinators, which I am just beginning to learn about (ADA, I mean. I'm on a 15 minute break in my room, this will be a rushed note).

I've noted this before at other meetings: the connection between ADA and Civil Rights, and I'm finding that to be of interest to me. I need to do some reading later tonight.

I also realized that I never completed the update I was writing on my flute choir blog about the flute convention I attended the last time I was in San Diego, so it seems I have some reading and writing to do.

I don't have much to say yet about the conference itself. It just began about 2 hours ago, and we listened to a woman read some updates from the Department of Justice. Interesting things but, she read them. I need to do some additional research in a way that will interest me.

Stay tuned, unless I flake out like I did on the flute choir stuff.