Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I haven't blogged in ages (a week?) and I thought I'd better check in before anybody thought I'd gone off and had my baby or something, because, nope, I'm still here at 38 weeks and some days.

I'm still feeling great.

I had a check up today, where the doctor did a quickie ultrasound to verify that little no-name (more on that in a second) was head down, as she suspected (he is). It was a trip to see him, all blown up and big now. He's practically real, isn't he.

So see, we thought we'd come up with a name, but it turns out that that name was one of (if not the) most popular name of 2010 (yep, you guessed it, unknowingly we'd chosen "Aidan"), so now we've turned back to the drawing board. Time's getting short, though, so we better figure this out. Soon.

The baby's room is mostly ready for him (he needs pictures on the walls and decorative items; it looks a little plain), we successfully installed the car seats in both cars (and had the Lakewood Sheriffs examine to make sure we did them right), my hospital bag is finally packed... so we're ready to go.

I've been off work for about a week and a half, and I have to admit: I love it. Loving it. Could not love it more. I haven't had such an extended amount of time off in forever, and though I know it will all come to an end when the baby comes and my new life begins, I'm really enjoying it as much as I can.

So. I'll keep you posted on what happens next.


  1. I am glad things are going so well. You will both be such great parents!

  2. Gotta say, as a teacher I've come across some cute little Aidens. Boys named Angel usually turn out the opposite, and Luke/Lucas still make me think Star Wars. Lately I've been partial to Desmond and Miles. My husband just suggested Astro. Don't worry, I kicked him for that one. There's my unsolicited two cents. So excited for you in this amazing moment of your life.

  3. Thanks ladies! Funny, Luka, Luke, and Angel were all also on my list (but not Patrick's!). It's sooo hard!