Monday, April 8, 2013

Today's playlist

I haven't done this is in awhile, but today required music, lots of it, and at high volume (due to concentration issues, and the loudness of various and sundry conversations in my office. Did I use "sundry" properly?). Here are some highlights, thank you, trusty iPod:
  1. Muzzle of Bees, Wilco
  2. Alabama, Neil Young
  3. Don’t Fade On Me, Tom Petty
  4. Life Wasted, Pearl Jam
  5. Old Enough, The Raconteurs
  6. I Want You, Kings of Leon
  7. Use Me, Love & Rockets 
  8. Gimme the Car, Violent Femmes
  9. Oh! Darling, The Beatles
  10. Breaking Us in Two, Joe Jackson
  11. Personality Crisis, New York Dolls
  12. He'd Send in the Army, Gang of Four
  13. They Don't Know, Tracey Ullman ("Baby!")
  14. I'm Not a Punk, Descendents
  15. I Don't Want to Lose You, The Smithereens
  16. Wah-Wah, George Harrison
  17. All I Want is You, U2
  18. Let Me Lie to You, Afghan Whigs
  19. Bring on the Night, The Police
  20. Burning Down, R.E.M.
  21. Only Lonely, Divinyls
Please to enjoy. Cast aspersions as you may. Possible links to clips at some point in the not-so-distant future. Note that when I say "possible" I mean, when I get a free 45 minutes at home with my laptop, and that might be... never.

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