Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ima Very Important Mother Fluter

This week is Jules' VIP week at school. It means we made a poster about him with pictures and his favorite things and colors and he had to talk about himself in front of everyone. He said he was shy. It also means a family member can come in a talk to the whole class about themselves, too. I vaguely remember doing this for Matthew and Diana, my nephew and niece, when they were in kindergarten but dude, that was a million years ago. And Patrick might've gone once. Anyway, I'm going tomorrow and I decided to take my flute and piccolo and play for them. I've known about this for ages and had plenty of time to prepare but what can I say? Last minute almost always works out so I never learn my lesson. Maybe I'll talk about loving music and practicing. I'm pretty sure that's something I can talk about with authority. I'm taking a CD with the backing band  from this jazz book I've been working on with Lynda, and am hoping I have it down well enough to play it in front of them. I practiced it for about 45 minutes with and without the band and it sounded good enough for kindergarten. By tomorrow it will be awesome. Because that's what happens when you practice.

(Most of the time.)

We also picked up some super cheap but still nicely made recorders, flute pencils, and little erasers shaped like eighth notes. Patrick, for some reason, did not initially want me to put the pencils in the plastic carrying case the recorders come with, so I went to Walgreens to find some rubber bands. While I was walking around, I ran across this body lotion by that brand "Hempz." This is the same brand they used at the spa I visited in San Diego and I really liked it but haven't been able to find in an actual store. While I was idly walking around in Walgreens (I love browsing Walgreens), this man came in and said loudly to the girl stocking in the makeup aisle, "DO YOU HAVE ANY PUMICE STONES?" Except he pronounced it "pomice." The girl, understandably, didn't understand him, so he said, "Maybe your assistant over there [there was another employee nearby] knows." So they go over and the other girl shows him and he asks a million questions about pumice stones, which is weird, because they may have had a couple different brands or sizes but seriously, a pumice stone only does one thing. It might be one of the earliest self-care inventions. You know? The caveman invented fire and realized that because he could now see his feet, he'd better figure out a way to get those babies soft again.

(After he walked away, the other girl said to the first, "Do I seriously look like somebody's assistant??" Her incredulity was a tiny bit misplaced, because, well, yeah, kinda, but I understood her point, having worked in retail myself.)

So I walked by the first girl and we rolled our eyes about this crazy guy, doing price comparisons and consumer reports analysis on pumice stones, and I was about to ask her if they carry the Hempz brand  shower lotion, and oh yeah, what about that Biosilk stuff I use in my hair, and then I realized, there are two people shopping here and one of them is paying for a pumice stone with nickles and dimes and the other one is buying expensive body lotion and rubber bands. I mean, these girls won the jackpot with weird customers tonight. So I paid for my stuff and left.

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