Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am the biggest loser

Knowing that my mother enjoys the TV show "Biggest Loser," I started watching it this year. My mom likes a lot of TV shows I don't watch, and I thought it might be a good idea if I started following at least one so I could contribute to the conversation when she brings it up. She likes to tell you the plots of things (books, movies, etc.) and if I haven't seen or read whatever it is she's talking about, it's a pretty boring conversation. So I've been watching Biggest Loser. I know it's been on for a while, and I thought I knew what it was (a weight loss show?); I was totally unprepared for the psychological drama.

For one thing, that woman Jillian is insane. Her rubber face scares the heck out of me. Sure, I would love to have her work me out all day, because I know I'd end up looking fantastic, but if I had to deal with her contstantly imploring me to get in touch with my feelings while she's screaming at me (or clinging to my back while I crawl on my forearms through the dusty grass), I'd have to say thanks, but no thanks. At first I thought that what she and Bob (the other trainer) had going on was a good-cop/bad-cop routine, but they're both a little nuts. He's as bad as she is, but he puts a smiley face on it, and that's just as creepy.

I'm falling for the contestants, though. There are a couple of people who are playing reality show head trip games (I don't know your names yet [Red Team, I'm talking to you] and I think I like it that way), but otherwise - the mom of the pink team, the one lady left on the purple team, the one guy left on the brown team (how sad for him, to have to be the "brown" team), and the two dudes on the gray team: these people are likable and working hard. I'm kind of hooked because of them.


  1. I'm a fan of the show, and in the past it has inspired me to push myself to do things I never though possible. That being said, I can't believe what's been happening to it lately. For the past few seasons, each group has become heavier ("the heaviest person we've ever had on the ranch") and the drama has increased tenfold.

    Last night was the first episode of this season that I've had the time to watch, and I was shocked at the trainer/red team drama.

    What a shame the producers are letting it turn in to that kind of show. I'll still watch it, but I'll be yelling at my tv : )


  2. Personally, I love Jillian..but always have. She inspires women to get up and do something

  3. I totally agree, Bike Shop Girl - people who inspire ARE special. That said, she's totally fixated on the red team lady's supposed "lying" and how it makes her (Jillian) look bad or stupid. She made her point about it but now she's just looking crazy instead of like the expert she is.

    Deb, I guess this is the kind of thing producers think we want from our reality shows!