Monday, April 5, 2010

Making fun of the news

After recovering from the earthquake yesterday (I was eating a very early Easter dinner with my family in Culver City), we were all laughing because the TV news people were reading peoples' Facebook and Twitter status (personal to my friend Deb: See how I avoided "statuses"? Smart!) updates as if this was news. Last I noticed the people on FB and Twitter (and yes, this includes me) aren't (in general) writing anything all that informative."Earthquake!" is what most of my friends were tweeting, and me, too. It was accurate; it wasn't news. Most comical was hearing the news jockeys say "LOL." "LOL" annoys me all by itself; hearing Michelle Tuzee (I'm pretty sure it wasn't Michelle Tuzee; that's just the only network news person whose name I can recall at the moment. Sorry, Michelle. Or maybe this is a compliment.) say it is just stupid. "LOL"! I like using it sarcastically instead. See?

The following news story isn't funny, but it sure isn't very informative, either.

L.A. rain prompts mudslide warning in foothills and causes tough morning commute

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(By the way, I'm aware that two people were killed in this earthquake. That's sad, and I'm sorry. But what passes for journalism is pretty ridiculous. I swear CNN was playing video of someone's swimming pool sloshing water for about a half an hour.)

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