Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wellness Fair

I went to a Wellness Fair today for work. It was downtown, and I got to drive our assigned vehicle, a 2009 Prius.

I probably shouldn't tell you that I was slightly more worried about the "How Am I Driving" sticker with telephone number (which rings at my desk anyway) than the whole "runaway" Prius thing, right?

Anyway, I made it downtown and back without a complaint.

The fair was fun - the usual vendors were there (our healthcare providers), including Delta Dental, Kaiser, Cigna... and there were live demonstrations of the Boot Camp training and Zoomba classes offered for downtown employees, which were... amusing. Oh, and off in the corner they were having a hula hoop contest. I steered clear of that one. But my favorite thing at Wellness Fairs is always going to be the free chair massage. I waited in line for about 20 minutes for a 10 minute massage with a man named Terence. He did an excellent job.

After that I had my cholesterol checked (good! Yay!) and my glucose level (also good! Another yay!), and then... and then I went to the strength training booth, where they test your muscular sttrength by making you grip this handle thing.

I did extremely poorly on this one. The guy wouldn't even give me my results out loud, for fear of embarrasing me. Dude: I'm not embarrassed. I know. How do I know?

I bought this tube of cherry flavored Carmex yesterday and I've been trying to unscrew the top all fucking day. I need some help over here. Seriously.

My lips are dry.

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  1. We never have anything cool like massages at our wellness events. I'm envious.