Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A dream, textiles, and Anne Rice?

Last night's dream was pretty tame, compared to the Craig Ferguson/Paula Poundstone lovefest I had going on the night before.

The only notable thing is that my dream last night was filled with beautiful textiles - designs by Marimekko (I got a Crate & Barrel catalog yesterday and fell in love with this) and bedding made of Liberty of London and Pucci patterns and wild paisley and plaids. At one point my brother Dan was standing over a giant pile of beautiful shirts (he always has gorgeous shirts, which I lust after), and offered me a bright pink button down shirt with thin white stripes, which I of course greedily snapped up in a heartbeat. Oh, and there was a point in the dream where I was helping my sister sort out flatware - beautiful gold forks and spoons and knives. The rest of the dream wasn't worth recounting for you.

Last night on my way home from work, I caught the tail end of an NPR interview with Anne Rice about her exit from Christianity, which she apparently announced via Facebook. As a teenager working at the library, I remember the exact moment when I pulled "Interview with the Vampire" off the shelf, not knowing anything about it, and devoured it and all the other books she wrote. Over the years I stopped loving her quite as much - the books became tedious and boring to me, and I gradually quite reading them, but still, the thrill of reading "Interview" for the first time as a 14 year old was pretty cool, and I thank her for giving me that.

I have to admit too, that when the stupid "Twilight" books and movies came out, I wondered if the kids reading (and watching) those lame vampires were aware that another vampire named Lestat once held everyone's interest and was way cooler than anything Stephanie Meyer could come up with (and let's face it, without even trying, Lestat could kick Edward's butt. Louis could kick Edward's butt). I mean, Lestat was in a rock band. (I'm being sarcastic here. I can't remember the name of Lestat's band... "Satan's Night Out"?... and have no desire to look it up, but wow, the parts in the books that dealt with music always made me laugh.)

When she became a Christian, I remember my mom pointed it out to me but by that point I was totally uninterested in her and definitely had no desire to read her books about Jesus.

That's just me.

Anyway, I was a little curious about her decision to leave Christianity (but she's keeping Jesus!), and her decision to make that decision public, so today I did a little reading (there's really not much). As usual, the comments are a lot more fun than the actual articles. A lot of people seem to be judging her (and mocking her for using Facebook) for this or for seeming like she's just looking for publicity (one comment on an article was, "Will this sell more books?"), but I don't know, I kind of like her a little more now for it. Sure, she's kind of a freak, but at least she's occasionally interesting. I like people who admit they don't know everything, especially about religion. To me that's just more engaging. It's something I've been working on for years. I'm not going to follow Anne or anybody - I'll work it out myself - but it's still interesting.

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