Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hero worship!

Tonight I started telling someone what Patrick looked like when we met. I was telling her about his band, Suffering Luna, and how I love that he's playing the drums again so much, and that I'm wondering when he's going to get his superhero drummer's calves back.

When we met, Patrick was probably wearing a black Saint Vitus t-shirt. He had long hair, a funny little goatee, 1980s style men's glasses. He was probably wearing black sweat pants that were by no means baggy (but not too tight either; we still own these sweat pants). He had on slip on Japanese shoes (which I lovingly refer to as his "old man wino shoes"). He had killer calves. Lance Armstrong calves. Double bass drummer calves.

This is sort of what he looked like (that's him on the left, silly!) but his hair was longer.

On the other hand, when we met, I was a skinny kid with unruly hair, giant glasses, baggy clothes, and a boyfriend. I had had a couple of other boyfriends but I was not, hmmm, shall we say, knowledgeable about my body, or clothes, or style. I had no idea. Maybe I still don't. My only goal with my body was to cover it up with the biggest clothes I could find. So I did.

Anyway, the boyfriend situation sorted itself out and a few years and some other stuff had to pass until I was ready for Patrick, but eventually I got it right.

Wasn't he cute? Still is.

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