Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stay on target!

So, hey, I'd been talking about this with some friends of mine (don't worry, you shall remain nameless) for awhile now, and on Sunday, I got up and took the baby with me to... a Weight Watchers meeting.

I first did WW about 10 years ago, when I got my first County job. After I don't know how many years (I usually say "15" but how can that be accurate? Am I that old?) of working in retail, after one year having a desk job, I gained 20 pounds. All that running around (and fooling around, god retail was fun) at the bookstores (and parking a mile from work) had apparently kept me trim, in spite of the crazy eating habits I had in my late teens and early 20s (when I worked at Crown Books in the 90s, I used to have for lunch, depending on which city I was in: Backstop Pizza, a diet coke and Reese's peanut butter cups, or a grilled cheese sandwich from Ships if I was in Culver City; a hot dog from Malibu Mutt, a giant iced blended mocha from Coffee Bean, or - if I was really lucky, Patrick would bring me a sandwich from Bay Cities when I was in Malibu. When I worked at Rizzoli in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, my meals were even worse! Let's just say ice cream played heavily in my decision-making). When I hit 30 and started working in an office, where people love to eat, I was helpless. My bosses at the time were both stress-inducing and lovers of food, and we would go to lunch, where we usually had incredibly fattening food, all the time. Now my office is full of incredibly generous people who love to bring food to share (donuts, pastries, etc.). So yeah, hello 20 pounds!

So 10 years ago, I realized that I had gained so I sucked it up and joined Weight Watchers. I needed help making healthier decisions, and I had a couple of friends (again: they-who-shall-not-be-named!) doing it, so it was fun and easier than I thought. Losing 20 pounds was pretty easy back then, though over time I did gain about half of it back.

Then I had a baby, and here I am, back at that highest number ever, not too happy about it. Maybe I could be more complacent about it except for the weekly swimming lessons I've been taking with JP. Getting into a swimsuit for the first time did not make me a happy camper (buying two pretty new swimsuits in a bigger size helped, though). I knew I had to do something, but for six months I put it off because I'm breastfeeding, and yes, I used that as an excuse even though it's really not. "I'm eating for the baby!" stopped sounding legitimate quite some time ago. So, after learning that a couple of other friends were doing it again, I decided it was time for me too.

I started Sunday, so this is my second day at work, tracking. They've changed the program a little but it's pretty simple. Yesterday my co-workers had a going away party for a guy who is transferring to another department, and though the food looked good (and I could've looked up the points plus amounts of all the items they had), I had planned out my lunch ahead of time and decided I'd better stick with it. My Subway sandwich, with just a little tweaking, works just fine for me (it makes it so much easier that WW has made all fruits and vegetables "0" points foods!). Later they had cheesecake, which was tempting until I actually saw it (a flat little cheesecake with tired looking fruit on top? No thanks!).

Tomorrow will be challenging, because it's someone's birthday, and we're going to a Mexican restaurant I've never been to. I was looking at the menu and my WW Pocket guide a few minutes ago, trying to figure out what I will eat. It all looks yummy, but I think maybe a couple chicken tacos and some black beans might work out, or maybe veggie fajitas and a chicken quesadilla... I don't know yet. I have options, though, so that feels good.
Is it weird that when I read the words "stay on target,"
I hear the voice of that dude from Star Wars?


  1. Hey! Would you like all my WW stuff that I'm not using? I just joined (and quit) a couple months ago, so it's all current. If you do, just shoot me an email (do you have my address?) .

    And NO, it isn't weird. I think it speaks to your total awesomeness (and mine, because I thought the same thing, ha!).

  2. Hollie! You are so generous, thank you! I think I have everything I need (if you're referring to written material, which, as my friend Nameless mentioned to me, is yawn inducing), since I'm mostly doing it online and via iPhone.

    Just curious: why'd you quit? I've actually gone back since that first time 10 years ago, but didn't include that in this (terribly long-winded) story because I didn't last very long. This time I intend to, though!

    Thanks again,
    "I can't see it!" <-- I have the voices of those pilots in my head now!!!

  3. I have a keychain point counter and two calculators, and all of the new cookbooks. I spent a lot of money!

    I quit because counting points leads to compulsive eating for me. Whenever I have a big outside entity telling me what I should eat or shouldn't eat, I feel soothed and comforted by the structure for about two weeks. Then I start to fiercely rebel, and I end up gaining weight.

    The way for me to lose weight, and I've done this before, is to eat less junk, eat more veggies and fruits, and exercise more. It was pretty simple when I did that. I tend to go back to WW whenever I feel like my regular plan is just too overwhelming. I convince myself that counting points will be easier, and of course it isn't, and then I have to learn my lesson all over again. I've done it twice now. Hopefully I won't do it again. :)

  4. Ack! I'm sorry it didn't work for you! I am so bad that I have to be held accountable for my food decisions, so writing it all down is extemely helpful. Fruits and veggies being -0- points is a great innovation, I really like that they've done that.

    Thank you for your kind offer! I'm using my iPhone and the online thing so I think I'm good.