Monday, October 17, 2011

Warning: Teleflora SUCKS

I ordered flowers (at the suggestion of another co-worker) from Teleflora for my boss for Bosses Day. I am very, very disappointed in how that transaction has played out.

From me, to them, via email:
The flowers my boss received do not look anything like what I ordered, nor are they comparable or worth what I paid. They are not even the same color scheme. I believe I should get a refund of at least $30 on this order. My boss said they were "pretty" and they were but I am incredibly disappointed. I will NEVER EVER order from you again. I would call but I am at work and I don't want my boss to hear me complaining about her gift. Someone should contact me via email or by phone soon to fix this situation.
What I ordered:
This arrangement is called "Zen Artistry."

What I received:
This arrangement is not Zen in any way.

Yes, they have a disclaimer when you order that if the exact arrangment isn't available they'll send something else but this is a joke. I think someone ripped these off a table from the local IHOP. I'm so mad - what a rip off. The other arrangement was not cheap, and this orange and yellow monstrosity (it was much smaller than it appears in this photo) a) isn't anything I ever would've have chosen and b) is not the work of a skilled florist. I could've put that bunch of Home Depot flowers together, for much, much less money.


  1. Hello there! Stumbled upon your blog, and I must say I have too looked in the fridge for paper.. but that is a different conversation.

    I am a florist, I used to be Teleflora, this is why I'm not. I would strongly recommend finding someone in your area that you can trust. I'm sure you have the same hours as most shops so it may be hard to research, but finding a good florist is an excellent investment for the future.

    Second, I am so sorry for your bad experience. I hate to read stories like this one. Flower giving should be an exciting time, not only for the receiver but for the sender as well.

    Here is to better flower experiences in the future :)

  2. I had the WORST experience with Teleflora.... I ordered flowers online on Monday 2/11/13 for Valentine's Day 2/14/13. I spoke to customer service (which I was on hold with for 30 minutes) just to ensure the flowers would arrive on time and they mentioned that they absolutely would be there on time!!!! So to my surprise....I was at home till about 10:30am till I had to head out for work. I assumed that when I returned from work at 5pm that the flowers would be waiting for me at my doorstep...Well of course, NO FLOWERS... I contacted customer service AGAIN and waited another 45 minutes, just to hear that they couldn't get in contact with the local florist (line was busy) and there was NO WAY to track the delivery. Also, they wouldn't give me the local florist name, address, nor telephone number, so I had to leave it up to these MORONS over at Teleflora to do the tracking for me.... I asked for a Supervisor, James, Employee ID 77302 and let him know of the situation... I requested some sort of reimbursement or answer and James' response...GET THIS, NO LIE was... "Mike, if you like you could put Tati (girlfriend) on the phone and I could apologize to her" (swear to you that he said this) I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it was the most unbelievable suggestion to a solution I have EVER heard from a customer service rep, let alone a SUPERVISOR... Finally at 8:30pm, while I'm at a Cirque Du Soleil show here in Miami, I receive a call from the florist saying that he was lost and needed to drop off the flowers. I told him to shove the flowers (....well you know the rest). When I got home he somehow figured out where I lived and low and behold there were my half dead 'purple tulips' that I ordered with a crummy balloon and *this is my favorite*, a box of chocolates that had a picture of a $100 bill of Benjamin Franklin on it...WTF!!! IT's freaking Valentine's Day and I'm getting chocolates with a picture of a Hundred Dollar Bill on them with Benjamin Franklin on it (what were they thinking?!?!?!?!)

    So I woke up this morning (2/15/13) called into Teleflora again to express my DISGUST with them, waited ANOTHER 45 minutes (between being transferred) and got a rep that laughed at my situation and at her OWN COMPANY... She stated that "We've been getting alot of complaints as of late..." Apparently I should receive a refund within 10 business days and she told me that the florist will be coming back to collect their flowers from me. The very least that they could do was leave the flowers here, but honestly I want them out of here as it reminds me of this horrid experience every time I glance over at them.... I wish I could post pictures on here so you could see the chocolate, the flowers, and the balloon (awful)...
    Moral of the Story: DO NOT BUY FLOWERS FROM TELEFLORA!!!

    *Please keep posting your experiences on this website and feel free to contact me if you have any questions*

    *Just remembered...The card was hand written and they misspelled TOGETHER... It read (toget) and on the line below (her)*

    Best regards,

    Miami, FL

  3. Same thing here -- ordered flowers two days before delivery date, then was told that they were "unavailable" and I could either cancel (Mom doesn't get her flowers) or let the florist send something else -- no idea what, what kind of value, etc.

    Doing a little research on the web, it appears I got the same form letter that ProFlowers sends out

    the only things that were different were the name and the phone number.

    "Thank you for your Teleflora order. We appreciate your business.
    Unfortunately, the chosen selection is not available for delivery in
    the recipient's area. In order to expedite your flower delivery,
    please click on the below link and follow the prompts to update your
    order. If you have any additional questions or concerns, you may call
    us at 800-822-9547 or reply to this email.

    We don't want to delay your gift, so if you're unable to respond in
    time, we will deliver a beautiful arrangement designed by the
    local florist that expresses the sentiment of your gift."

    Tried to call and complain and got stalled, put on perpetual hold, call dropped, etc. Asked for one person's supervisor's name and they claimed they didn't know the name of the person they worked for.

    VERY, VERY disappointed. It's clear to me this is just a huge scam -- take orders without checking if they are deliverable, then pull a bait-and-switch and deliver something different if things don't work out. I am planning to dispute my credit card charge for fraud.


  4. Hi everybody, I had the terrible experience with TELEFLORA. Please do not I repeat DO NOT order anything from this website "Teleflora".
    I ordered for my dying mother in law some flower and fruit basket the day of delivery they called me, and text me that they can not deliver the order you have to pick some other day (at the time of deliver). When i called to cancel the order they gave me hail to cancel and wanted to take my money because of their fault. Now they said may be it will take 2 to 10 business days to get refund. I am telling you please do not flush your money in that hole. I had such a big disappointment that I file the complain to BBB. They are nothing but a scam. STAY AWAY.