Thursday, April 5, 2012

Public Practice at the Music Center

A while ago, I received an invitation in the mail to participate in something called "Public Practice" downtown at the Music Center (outside, somewhere). It's supposed to be an opportunity for the public to see amateur musicians practicing - to appreciate the hard work those of us who don't get paid to perform do, out of love of playing (or whatever).
I signed up because it sounded cool by answering all these intrusive questions and I was accepted.

So to be clear: this is going to be me and a bunch of other people, practicing outside, somewhere on the music center grounds, in public.


It's not a gig, or a performance. People won't walk by and hear me performing some amazing Mozart that's obviously been worked up (as if I have time to do that!). I'm supposed to either just play scales or what have you, or pick a new piece to work on. It's only for an hour, and you'd be surprised how much practice time can be eaten up "just" by scales and long tones, so I'm probably going to devote a lot of my time to that. Also, my lack of practice shows the most in tone and fingers, so this is a good opportunity to do that. But it's not going to be exciting to listen to (unless you really want to hear me sitting on each note forever, in which case, you are the audience I want to have. Always!). I might pull out something new (Bach, maybe, there are ton of Bach sonatas that I am unfortunately unfamiliar with, and he's really hard).

My brother is going to come with me and wrangle Exton while I'm playing. Hopefully he enjoys hearing a bunch of weirdos practicing, too.

I don't know how many people are participating or how close to one another we will be, or (of course) the skill level of the other players, so this could either be really cool, or really excruciating.

I'm allowed to invite family and friends, so here's the info, below. You must be warned, however, and I can't stress enough, that this is strictly practice. I'll hopefully be able to hear myself play and evaluate my tone (during long tones), and I hopefully won't get all nervous and jack up the loop pattern or whatever scale exercise I'm doing. My practicing isn't always pretty (though I almost always through in the first five bars of the theme from "The A-Team" for fun while warming up). My practicing isn't that sophisticated either. Still. I think it will be a fun experience for me, and for anyone who wants to hear other people... practice.

Public Practice
Noon on Saturday, April 21 to noon on Sunday, April 22
My time slot: April 21, 6:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m.

I have no idea where I'm going to be, and I'm supposed to pack up about halfway through and go to another location, so good luck finding me, if you're coming for me specifically (thank you if you're even considering doing this). If you're not, I might try live tweeting it, if I have time to do that, or will of course just write about it after the fact. Oh, yes, of course you have that to look forward to!

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  1. I attended on April 22, 2012 and it was a rewarding experience. I practiced on two flutes, my clarinet and a saxophone. I allowed my instruments to growl and squeak as much as they had the need to do so. And people walking by were still pleased with the sounds they heard me producing. And I plan to participate again. I actually wish I could practice on the Pavillion of the music Center more frequently. And yes I will volunteer in this Active Arts Public Practice event again in the fffuture.

    Joyce M. Holland