Thursday, June 7, 2012

Meme - Rule of 7

I'm not feeling particularly creative today (my eyes are so red from allergies, I'm sure my co-workers think I've been stoned since Monday. Tom Petty on the iPod isn't helping. What this has to do with feeling creative, I do not know) but I wanted to blog today, so I ripped this off from here. Enjoy.

Seven things that scare me:
  1. Spiders, slugs, snails, potato bugs
  2. Alien invasion (spiders, slugs, snails, potato bugs...)
  3. The ocean (namely, being blind like I am, and hit by a wave, dragged out to sea and drowning; also, creatures in the ocean that look like spiders, slugs, snails, potato bugs)
  4. Some of the crazy music that Patrick makes and/or listens to; the artwork that accompanies some of the crazy music that Patrick makes and/or listens to
  5. Falling from a great height
  6. Speaking in front of large groups of people, particularly at work
  7. The day that my laptop dies (it could be soon) and I lose my iTunes library (everything else is backed up on Dropbox). I have an external drive that I've backed up to but not recently. Yes, I need to do it. No, I don't have time right now.
Seven things I like:
  1. Adrian Belew, the Talking Heads, Radiohead, X... music in general, these guys in particular right now, very much
  2. The song "Bears" by Lyle Lovett (surprise! Betcha didn't see that one coming!)
  3. Hugs and kisses, especially from my beautiful boy!
  4. Long bike rides
  5. Fitting into smaller jeans and pants for the first time in probably 10 years
  6. Buying shoes (um... I LOVE buying shoes!)
  7. Massages, facials, pedicures, lip gloss, eyebrow waxing: all these so-called "girlie" things that I never thought I would enjoy, but I do
Seven random facts about me:
  1. I love the show "The Big Bang Theory" - I crack up, while Patrick sits there, totally unimpressed, wondering when "Pawn Stars" is on again
  2. I have a little patch of freckles on my left shoulder, and a few on my face (with my complexion, that's a little unexpected). This was recently pointed out by my esthetician, who quickly said that they were "cute," and didn't look overtly "age-related." Um, thanks?
  3. I love the swings at the park
  4. I like to redesign parking lots in my head
  5. I don't like strangers talking about Jesus to me
  6. I'm better at relaxing than I thought I was
  7. I've worked in the light/sound booth at City Garage more times than anyone, ever. Of this I am proud. Can you tell?
Seven things I want to do before I die:
  1. Learn how to drive a motorcycle (is "drive" the right word? Obviously I have some lingo to learn too)
  2. Take a bike tour of Europe
  3. Sleep more than 2 hours in a row
  4. Eat a meal, have a conversation with Stewart Copeland
  5. Write a song
  6. Remodel my house
Seven things I can do well:
  1. Organize my desk
  2. Make Ina Garten's Cranberry Conserve
  3. Drive
  4. Play the flute
  5. Worry
  6. Soothe my boy
  7. Get lost in a book and/or music, sometimes at the same time
Seven things I can't do but wish I could:
  1. Time travel
  2. Write a story that other people would want to read (blogging doesn't count)
  3. See without glasses
  4. Apply makeup
  5. Buy, wear jewelry
  6. Sing
Seven phrases I'm known to use:
  1. "Dear Stewart,"
  2. (not a euphemism)
  3. Then again...
  4. On the other hand,
  5. That's/you're awesome/rad/delicious
  6. Fucking shit!
  7. Holy cow!

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