Thursday, June 28, 2012


I'm at the car wash.

My car is so dirty! I've been coming to this car wash since I moved to Long Beach 12 years ago. I can't believe I've lived here so long. They do a good job. The only thing I don't like is, they always do the Porsches and BMWs near the front, and my little Honda always seems to be parked off to the side. What, it's a nice car!

It's not the worst car here, either.

I always like pairing up people with their car. This is a nice area, so most of the people and their cars always seem fancy to me. There's an older black Mercedes sedan that I've tied to the woman sitting next to me. She's got frizzy brown hair, is wearing unfashionable but probably very expensive brown sandals, and drinking a small bottle of Fiji water. She has a nice beige leather handbag that would fit with my lifestyle quite well. She just pulled out a manilla folder with some sort of manuscript. It could be anything: I can't see it well enough to tell. I'm nosy but discreet! A contract, a play: anything. She has a pen out so who knows? Maybe she's editing her book. I seem to know a lot of writers these days.

As of yesterday I was pretty happy on my vacation but today feels a little bit like too much of a good thing. I had a dream that I went back to work today. Maybe I should. Except for the flip flops I could get away with this outfit in the office. Well, maybe I'd need a cardigan: my t-shirt is pretty casual. I wonder if new shoes would cure this feeling. I'm willing to try it. Patrick is too busy to have lunch with me. He had an interview yesterday and now has to catch up on a conference call for a meeting he missed.

My car was done faster than I expected so I never found out who the owner of the black Mercedes was. Somehow I will have to live without knowing.

Now I'm waiting for this guy to call me back. Last week when I went to the Apple store at the Cerritos mall, after telling me he couldn't replace my phone, Genius Nathan recommended that I check out this kiosk out in the mall. It just so happens they are opening a real store across the street where they replace screens, this week. The store is opening this week, was that clear? I just called the kiosk and the dude said he'd check with his manager to see if they're opening today or tomorrow. Either one works for me. Maybe foe a grand opening they'll have lower prices. I want to get this thing fixed without spending too much money on it.

Meanwhile I am self-medicating with the Talking Heads. Loud. The only thing that sucks about having a clean car is you have to wait too long to roll down the windows. I need the wind in my hair now.

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