Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crosseye of the tiger, and other things

Sunday afternoon, when I was driving home from theater with Bo, we heard "Eye of the Tiger" on the radio. I don't remember the radio station we were listening to, but he has some strange pre-sets in his car. The guy listens to weird music. I hadn't heard that song in awhile, and I found myself compelled... to sing along.

I am not a very good singer, but sometimes, and very infrequently when actually in the presence of other people, the urge to join in hits me very hard and very, let's just say, enthusiastically. It's something to see (and hear).

Now, Bo claims to like the band Survivor, but when I quizzed him on other songs by them that I might know, he couldn't think of any. So I don't know - my theory about them not having any real fans rings true. Oh, you never heard that theory before? That's because I just made it up.

Sunday was actually very fun - Charles agreed to run the show so I could watch from the audience. We used to do that all the time on opening night, but this time we didn't. Because I'm a nervous nellie in the booth, even with the new, beautiful set up, I still can't see the show the way it's meant to be seen. Mostly because I'm following along still, making sure I'm in the right spot and set up for the next thing.

Since I wasn't running the booth, I sat outside in front of the theater and chit chatted with a lovely Schnauzer who belongs to the guy in the space next door. His name is Chuckie (the dog, I didn't meet the guy: he was on the phone everytime I saw him walking around). I love Schnauzers - we had one when I was a little girl. She was a great dog. Chuckie was friendly, but aloof.

I took my seat early, on one of the new, awesome leather love seats. No one sat next to me. Now the audience is allowed into the theater about 30 minutes before the show starts, so that's different right away from the old space in the alley. I don't want to give anything away but it's really interesting to be seated early like that.

The first time I saw the show was in tech rehearsal. Like I said: I don't really see much from the booth. I hear the performances, and yes, I do "see" them - but I'm thinking about me, and pressing my buttons and setting levels. I'm not involved in the story. I could tell that it was beautiful, but I didn't feel it. Watching from the audience is totally different. I know that the actors can't really see us (and are not supposed to look at the audience anyway) but there were a few moments when I could've sworn someone was looking right at me. Piercing me, to (sort of) quote Jane Austen. There's an exchange between "Nikos" and "Clio" about "being in love that way" that hit me in an emotional way that I wasn't expecting. The actor playing Nikos is very good (all the performances are good ones! but Nikos says a few things that really speak to me personally).

Anyway, all that happened before my attack on "Eye of the Tiger," so I'm not being a very good storyteller today, am I. Oh well!

The show is getting good reviews. You can read some of them, and make reservations and learn more about City Garage, here.

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