Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Work-related rant

So, I just got a little pissed off.

One of the Human Resources section managers called my boss about a meeting our HR director's secretary scheduled in Outlook. She and I were working on scheduling it because it involves my boss and some of her employees. The meeting subject was left vague, because it involves another HR employee. She didn't put the employee's name in the meeting request. The HR section manager called because she wanted to make sure my boss knew who the meeting was about.

My boss had just stepped away when this call came through, so I was taking the message (my boss's secretary was on another call; ordinarily I don't take messages unless both of them are away from their desk. I'm not a secretary but I have no problem helping out, unless it involves answering the door). When I take a message, I always ask the caller what their call is regarding. And I never assume anything about the caller (i.e., if she has their callback number, etc.).

This woman would not tell me what the call was regarding! She said, "She knows who the employee is."

This made me so frustrated! If I can't be trusted to take a message and keep it confidential, what the hell am I doing answering the phone? At every other department I've worked at (and this is the first department where my classification is not secretarial; except for a brief job I had at Rancho Los Amigos, where I worked in Finance, as a secretary, I've always been in Human Resources. This is where all the confidential crap happens!) I've been trusted with intimate and confidential information about EVERYBODY. My ability to keep shit close has never been questioned, even by the Worst Boss in the World, who I had at my last job. In fact, she was the one who really told me all the dirt on people. And did I tell anyone? NO. Anyway, as HR employees, we all sign a confidentiality agreement! Not that I need a piece of paper!

So when my boss got back to her office, I gave her the lady's message, but then I told her that the woman wouldn't trust me with the full message. "She knows who I'm talking about" is so lame! Why even call, then? Send her an email! I got a little grumpy about it. I asked her to let that woman know that she can trust me with details. I mean, come on! I have no idea if she will or if I was stupid to even say something about it, but give me a break. It's a waste of everybody's time if all the messages I take are the same:

Me: Can I tell her what the call is regarding?
Whoever: She knows!

I mean, who looks stupid here? Me for asking, or the caller for assuming my boss is a) psychic and b) keeps all those details in her mind about everybody? The woman is really busy. It's silly to think she's going to remember everything.

Anyway, rant over. Return to your regularly scheduled whatever.

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