Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A spider story, 1-10, I Am Not Your Secretary, and other news

It's been awhile since I posted. I have no excuse except maybe to say that Facebook has supplied me with a more easily accessible outlet for my rambly ramblings.

So, yesterday, I got up a little late. I had to go to South El Monte to take another exam (oh, you may not have known that I took an exam last week. That one was for a promotion, and I was nervous about it. I think I did well, but who knows). This one is not for a promotion, it's a secretarial position for which I am possibly overqualified (I stopped being a secretary about three years ago, and while I really don't care, some people consider my current position a "glorified secretary." The truth is, I enjoyed being a secretary, was good at it, and have no issue with it all, except that should I desire to become one again - and I passed my exam - it would probably come with a reduction in pay, about which I am not thrilled. My goal in taking this exam, though, was to open myself up for more employment opportunities closer to home. I'm getting tired of my long days, my long commute, and everything that entails. I've been lucky enough to have three day weekends, but with that comes an inability to see my kid for more than a half hour in the morning (during which I'm scrambling to get showered and dressed, and to get him dressed) and about 2 hours at night before we all crash. Patrick drops him off and picks him up at daycare because his work can be more flexible about his start and stop times. So, we don't eat dinner together as a family. Now, Patrick and I never really sat down and ate dinner together anyway (unless we went out) but now that we have our son, it seems to be something that's more important to me than I realized. Anyway, I'm just in "wait and see" mode right now. I like my job and it would have to be the perfect position, within biking distance (almost an exaggeration) of my home. I'm not sure I'll get that lucky. But you never know unless you try, right?

Anyway. Where the hell was I? Oh, so I got up yesterday a little late. My handy dandy iPhone GPS app, Waze (which I love and totally recommend) told me that it would take less time to get to my exam than to my work, so I was a little more relaxed. And, Monday night, Jules was exceptionally hungry and wanted "mama" so I didn't get all that much sleep. After I got out of the shower, I was drying myself off when... I felt a spider on my shoulder.

Man, where do the bathroom spiders come from? It's not the first one I've seen. And what the heck, ON ME? Anyway, it woke me up from my post-shower daze, and I squeaked. Loud. Patrick, who was making the coffee in the kitchen, heard me and came running. "Spider!" I yelled, finally. By this time, the little spider (neither hairy nor scary) was on the floor, running away. It was the kind of spider I don't mind in theory, but when it's 8 legs are intimately acquainted with my bare skin, well, I don't like that all that much.

Patrick said he thought Jules was yelling, and said that when he went through the living room, where Jules was hanging out, watching his favorite cartoon, "Charlie and Lola" (the cutest show about a brother and sister, both blond, both with adorable English accents), he checked on JP, who said "Mama!" (I should re-write this but you know what I mean, right?)

I love that. "Mama!" I like to think that he was pointing towards the bathroom, wide-eyed and concerned, but I get he was just sitting there, eating his English muffin, fascinated by Charlie and Lola.

The other day we were sitting on the floor playing with blocks, and Jules surprised me by chiming in while I was counting them. He started at 4, and went to 10! I was totally floored (no pun intended). He repeated it too, though he hasn't done it for anyone else yet. He also prefers to pronounce "7" as "seben."

Totally adorable, my son.

In other news, my mastitis is gone, and I am a happy camper once again. More sleep would be great, but I'm trying not to whine about it.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Keep checking in, I'm going to try to work harder on my blog, and I apologize for any lapse in postings. See you soon!

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