Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I've got ants in my coffee maker. Call 9-1-1! Do something!

My little family has been struggling with a particularly annoying infestation of ants this year.

I thought it was because the Littlest of us is the King of Crumbs, but Patrick has informed me that no, these ants are looking for water. The crumbs are just Extra Fun for them. Anyway, I guess it's true, because the other day I found one of JP's water cups under the couch, half full of water and a quarter full of dead ants.

They're also in the bathroom (I know, gross), and of course the kitchen, where the target seems to be the kittys' water bowl. They mostly avoid the cat food.

We found a guy on Angie's List who was well-recommended and reasonably priced, and he came out a couple of weeks ago to spray with some "safe for kids and pets" ant spray. He went under the house and hit the yard, as well, but last week, the ants came back.

(By the way, I love Angie's List. We got our landscape designer, the dudes who implemented the landscape design, our plumber, the people who installed our windows, the people who re-did our stucco, the new maid service, and the painters through there and they were all super-excellent. I recommend it.)

Yesterday morning I discovered my little ant friends in our Fancy Coffee Maker. Which, as you know, before it grinds the coffee beans and brews the coffee, is full of water.

Patrick had time to rinse the thing out and make another pot of coffee, but this morning, they were back, and we didn't have time. And then we discovered that the little door that covers the water reservoir won't close. No big deal, I think the thing will work without that being closed, but dude. Coffee maker down. NOT GOOD.

Luckily for me, over the weekend, I purchased some Starbucks "K Cups" for the Keurig coffee maker we have at work. This is my "just in case" stash (just in case I forget to bring mine from home, just in case I need another cup in the afternoon, etc.) because I'm not a fan of Starbucks coffee... but I was at Target, and of the other choices they had, Starbucks seemed the best. I got the Pike Place Roast, which I had read was smoother than the others, and I'm drinking it now (after having my coworker show me how the damn Keurig thing works). It seems fine, but it is no Groundworks "Black Gold." It's not as bitter as I remembered Starbucks coffee to be, but that might just be because the Keurig blends a milder cup than you get in an actual Starbucks store. I have no idea. My coworker good naturedly called me a coffee snob, and "spoiled," to which I replied, YES I AM, at least with the coffee if nothing else. You can drink that Kirkland crap if you want to, lady, but it's only the "good" stuff for me.

Anyway, it's almost gone, and I might make another cup. I need to steel my nerves for the possibility that our Fancy Coffee Maker might be out of commission for awhile.

The ant guy is coming back on Friday.

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