Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Voice - Top 12 Results

I'm still home sick today - I still can't talk. However, I can watch and listen. And type, obviously. I woke up early to watch this! So let's see if my predictions were right:

The show opens loudly. And Carson is yelling at me. The Top 12 are on stage.

Nick Jonas will perform. I cannot contain my excitement.

Oh, ssh, now Nick is onstage "Gave her my heart but she wanted my soul." Don't we all want that, Nick? His outfit reminds me vaguely of workout wear. It's slightly annoying that his black t-shirt doesn't match the gray of the jacket and pants. The background dancers are dressed like crowd control police officers, with clear shields and batons. Now a very pretty dancer is flailing her arms and crawling around on the ground by Nick. This song is nothing special. I mean, it's better than I expected, so that's something. I don't know anything about Nick Jonas. Is he a nice kid?

Special Announcement from Carson: The artists saved next week get to work with guest advisers:

Adam's team: Dave Stewart! Someone from Monday totally reminded me of Annie Lennox but I didn't say anything and now I can't remember who it was. It's that Dave Stewart, right?
Pharrell: Ryan Someone. I should know who this is, maybe?
Christina: Mark Ronson
Blake: Scott Hendricks

The Top 12 are back on stage. Carson has the names of three artists who are safe:

1. (Team Christina) Kimberly Nicole. This is not a surprise!
2. (Team Pharrell) Sawyer Fredericks. This is also not a surprise!
3. (Team Blake) Meghan Linsey. Hey. These three are great!

And... in the audience: the cast of some show I haven't watched. Okay. Thanks.

Corey, Meghan and Hannah, and Blake sing "In the Midnight Hour." Great, now I want to watch "The Commitments." Corey is singing to Hannah, and I like it. Now Hannah is putting her spell on Blake, and I think he forgot to come in when he was supposed to. I love the horn section. Is Meghan rolling her eyes? Sometimes when they do these old songs and break them up like this, the song stops making sense. Meghan looks pretty.

Now the remaining 9 are on stage. Carson is using his dramatic pauses effectively. He announces that the following artists are safe:

4. (Team Adam) Joshua Davis
5. (Team Christina) India Carney! Whoa. What?
6. (Team Blake) Hannah Kirby! Yay!

Everyone else is still at risk for elimination! Well, yes. That is why we are here.

India, Kimberly, Rob and Christina are going to perform "Hotel California." What? Christina sounds really good. This song is so lame, though. Seriously. I like the double guitar, though. Nice touch. I mean, who can't sing this song? But who wants to? And India is back in the leather jacket. Why, India? Why?

Now highlights from "behind the voice." Hannah is a writer. Okay, I l officially ove her now. Corey isn't done with school yet? What is he getting his degree in. Sawyer has been wearing hats since he was 11. Aw, all of five years. Rob and Kimberly are BFFs. Meghan has been asked to dumb herself down. Her other statements (possibly out of context) aren't making me love her. Koryn feels blessed.

Next, more saves.

7. (Team Pharrell) Koryn Hawthorne
8. (Team Christina) Rob Taylor
9. (Team Blake) Corey Kent White

Now, Deanna, Brian and Mia Z. have to sing it out so they can stay. Pharrell is selling Mia Z's talent. Team Adam is decimated. Adam is trying to be diplomatic about Brian and Deanna.

Mia Z. is singing "Stormy Sunday." I do not know this song. I can't understand a word she is saying. Her tone is pretty... but she could just be mumbling right now. I think I need subtitles.

Carson got the title wrong. It's "Stormy Monday." Pharrell is telling us she's special and different and deserves our support.

Brian is singing "Amazed." By Poe? No... it sounds like Bryan Adams? He sounds good. I love his little smile. Love songs like this are good for him. He seems so sweet. I want the best for this guy.

Adam starts a sentence with "Listen," which is a pet peeve of mine. Adam says Brian's performance was "amazing." Oh, and he also said "At the end of the day..." which is another pet peeve. At least he didn't say "it is what it is."

Deanna is doing a song called "It Will Rain." Dang girl. LEGS. This song is about drugs? Was this her blind audition song? She's singing it like she knows it, and it makes a difference, because I like it. Though I'm not sure the backup singers can catch all her notes. Maybe she doesn't even know which note she's going for.

Adam is telling her whole life story. And talking about fear and confidence building and how petrified she is. I'm not sure that telling us all this is doing Deanna any favors.

Now it's time for the Instant Save. I would choose Brian, but you knew that, didn't you.

I'm not going to comment on Pharrell's or Adam's "last words." They're just killing time, and Adam annoys me with almost every word.

Carson announces that the time has come! The artist saved is...


You know what? Okay. I get it. She's so pretty, and there's something there. I wish she had a different coach, though.

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