Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Apples to oranges. Am I the apple, or the orange? Does it matter? (No.)

A funny thing happened today.

There's this woman who works in my building. She's part of my department, but of a totally different operation. She's a secretary - her boss is a higher level manager than my boss. However, I am not a secretary, so there's really no comparison. Apples to oranges.

I've dealt with her in the past, and I can honestly say, she has an attitude. Other people corroborate this assessment. I don't need to give any examples, do I? She just comes off as stuck up and unhelpful, and every time I see her in the hallways, I always make it a point to say Hello to her, even though she never, not once, has said hello back.

Today, my co-worker and I were taking our afternoon break, and went for a walk. (This other woman is a dedicated walker too.) We took the stairs to the first floor, and I opened the door to the foyer. This is a large, heavy door that opens outward. I pushed open the door, and she (literally) came barging into the stairwell. I felt her shoulder brush against mine.

So I said, "Excuse us!" I swear I didn't say it snottily. Maybe I said it with some false sweetness?

She made no response, and kept walking.

Later, my co-worker and I saw her again, with her walking partner. Neither one of us said hello.

However, I'm determined to keep saying hello to her. Some people just deserve it.

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