Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hello, Stewart.

It's been so long since I posted anything Stewart Copeland-related that I thought I had finally grown out of it. I still think I have. However, last night I had a funny dream about him so I'm going to tell the story here.

My dream had two parts (because I had to get up to pee), and the first part was strange and I don't remember much except, I think I was at the airport, and there were parts where I was climbing a ladder and driving some kind of cart. But after I fell asleep again, I dreamed this:

Patrick needed a replacement snare drum because his was broken (I'm not positive but I think he uses a marching band snare, probably Tama? I'll find out later). His band, Suffering Luna, had a gig coming up, and I, the devoted wife, tweeted about it. Something like, "Oh no! Pat's snare is busted and @sufferingluna plays in 4 hours!"

(I don't think the band has a Twitter account. They probably should.)

Next my dream puts me in my kitchen, doing dishes, and a blond head comes in view out the window. The doorbell rings.  I go to open the door and into my home barges Stewart Copeland, carrying a cardboard box with all sorts of things rattling inside. Behind him is a boy, maybe around age 9. Looks just like him. I think Stewart's kids are all older than this in real life.

The two of them come in and Stewart explains that he saw my tweet (impossible, because for the first time in several years I did not get a response from him to my annual birthday message a couple of months ago) and he was in the area with these spare parts and would Patrick be able to use any of them?  Patrick comes in and inspects the items, and is confused. I explain about the tweet and Stewart says he wanted to help another drummer and Patrick said thank you and invited him to the show.

I must've had to pee again because I can't remember anything else.

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