Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bye... for now

Hi, everyone,

(If you can name all the people you're referring to as "everyone" and count them off using one hand... can you still call them "everyone"?)

Not that I'm all that busy or anything (my Christmas shopping is finally done!), and I'm working through the holidays (no time off for me!), but I think I need a bit of a break. Oh, I can admit it: my last post was pretty lame. So, in an effort to regroup, re-engergize, and reload, I am hereby granting myself a holiday from blogging. I have been working on a "Best of 2009" list (which will also include content from I Can't Stand [Meeting] You), and I'll get that posted in the next couple of days, but for now, I wish you the happiest of holidays, and I'll be back soon.

I'm so glad you're here and I hope you join me in all my silliness in 2010.

All the best,

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