Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Maturity IS a bitter disappointment.

Side by side comparison (sort of) of my new banner.

Turns out Patrick doesn't like either the hat or my font. He thinks serif fonts are too old-fashioned (or something - I was listening to something at a rather loud volume). Maybe so. Since I like both the goofy photo and the font, I'm not sure how I'm going to handle his notes. My friend Paul's critique was easier to understand: he thought the orange-iness of the font was too brutal. Then again, he only had about two minutes to look, and that was on my iPhone in the dark lobby of the theater.

For now I am going to try just changing the colors around. Maybe the font is just too big or something - but I always fall in love with something and then other people don't fall in love with it and it takes me a long, long time (if ever) to come around to their way of thinking. For now, this is how I want this to look (one of the two choices). Maybe I'll change it later. Maybe not. I mean, I'm not a graphic designer or anything (obviously). I've seen blogs with way worse designs than this one, and who cares, really?

That said, I will definitely appreciate any comments* you all may have, since it's pretty obvious that to the question "who cares," the answer is "I do."

*Well, by "any," you know that I, of course, mean only the nice ones.

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