Monday, December 28, 2009

The best of 2009

Here it is! 18 (I know 18 is a random number... I think I have another sinus infection; I definitely have a stuffy head; I'm not thinking very clearly right now) of my favorite posts from this past year. Maybe next year I'll be able to come up with 20 of them. Also, maybe next year I'll get them in the right order.

1. January 9, 2009
Do crickets carry the plague?

2. March 12, 2009
I discover that "Don't Let Me Down" is one of my favorite Beatles songs, especially when sung by a cute guy in a dark alley at 11:30 p.m.

3. May 20, 2009
I get a tad bit maudlin when discussing a performance of mine. Still: I like this one a lot.

4. June 25, 2009
I wrote this the morning of Michael Jackson's death, which I didn't know about because it had not yet happened. I was feeling somethng that day, I guess.

5. June 2, 2009
Not much happens in this post, but I like it because it's a fairly typical example of my writing, and the things that interest me.

6. May 5, 2009
I bought tickets to see Stewart Copeland in San Diego and surprisingly put quite a bit of thought into it.

7. August 20, 2009
I wrote a letter to Stewart Copeland.

7.5 September 25, 2009
I wrote another letter to Stewart Copeland.

8. June 6, 2009
We traveled to Washington, D.C., and had a great time. Everything was excellent.

9. July 12, 2009
I helped a friend celebrate his birthday at the theater and got to perform for a bunch of friends.

10. July 29, 2009
Occasionally, I get annoyed.

11. August 25, 2009
I am a fan of moonlit bike rides. Especially when the moon is made of cheese.

12. August 12, 2009
After doing this blog thing for like three years or something crazy like that, I still like doing quizzes. Sometimes I can't think of anything to say on my own.

13. October 8, 2009
I met Stewart Copeland in Hollywood at a booksigning. He signed my hand. He's awesome. No, really: totally, 100% rad.

14. September 24, 2009
My mom had knee surgery. Re-reading this one was hard for me, so I understand if you skip it too, but I don't want to forget that time, either.

15. October 13, 2009
I got cheap and then I colored my hair in my own bathroom. I would like to point out that while it wasn't a total disaster, this month (December) I went back to the salon and let a professional do it, with much better results.

16. November 2, 2009
I start off talking about my outsides, but what I was thinking about was my insides.

17. December 2, 2009
A random bunny sighting makes me happy.

18. December 11, 2009
I can dance if I want to.

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