Friday, April 1, 2011

Never-ending adventure

So I know the following won't be of interest to most people, so if you're not interested in breastfeeding, you have my permission to go away and do something else instead of reading this. Personally, my thoughts lately have been on almost nothing else for the past 9 weeks, but I understand that it's a big world out there with other things to do.

I'll just be blunt: I think I have mastitis. What's that (wait, I thought the only people left were those with familiarity in the topic)? It's a plugged milk duct.

I'm so bummed about this. For one thing, it tool me a week to put two and two together. For another thing, I'm bummed that of the three doctors, including my mid-wife, plus a lactation consultant, who, upon hearing my complaints (fever, chills, achiness), not one of them, knowing I am breastfeeding, asked about my breasts or even looked at them (fever + chills is one of the main symptoms). Maybe that's not fair. But I did try to get help, and instead I got a couple strong prescriptions for a skin problem I don't have, a diagnosis for a bladder infection I also don't have, and I was told that my right breast just "doesn't produce as much milk as the other one." Right. You think it's because there's a blocked duct?

And because this process took so long, I've been worrying that there will be complications, like an abscess, which could require surgery.

But, on the plus side:

1. Feeding the baby, since getting help last week, continues to be pain free.
2. My faith in my primary care physician is restored. She's 8 years younger than I am but a sweetheart, and much more thorough than most.
3. The nurse got me an appointment for today in rhe breast clinic, so I don't have to wait anymore.
4. Jules is smiling and cooing and talking to us so much, he's such a happy baby! Being tired and achy and having this stupid lump? Whatever. I want to play with my son.

Not shown: 1 small bottle of Advil.


  1. I got mastitis once. The pain, OH THE PAIN. I'm glad you don't seem to be going through that as badly. I got mine figured out pretty quick because my main symptom was a hot and sore right breast. I'm sorry it took so long for your providers to catch it! Yikes.

  2. I am so glad you are doing better!! Jules will only get better - the real corner is at about 2 months when they start interacting, but you won't believe how fast he will start learning things. And pretty soon you will have a little munchkin at the side of your bed saying "Mama come up and play army guys with Rudy today?" But he will probably say Jules instead of Rudy. I was just using an example from earlier this afternoon because it was fresh in my head :)

  3. I had this.
    Three times.
    Sorry you've got this but it clears up and from the sound of it you've got the nursing thing down pat!