Monday, April 18, 2011

The weekend

What a weekend!

After Exton's two days in daycare (which went okay... I'm still not crazy about the idea of it, but the reality is, it's fine.*), I was so happy to have him all to myself on Friday! I can't even remember what we did but I suspect there was lots of cuddling and cooing involved. He's so animated now, and happy in the mornings - he smiles all the time and though he's not quite laughing out loud, you can tell that he wants to. I do know that we went for my daily trip to Kaiser, where he got to meet Birdie, the nurse who changed my packing a few times last week and who I kind of fell in love with, she's so nice. Birdie was excited to meet him because I'd been talking about him a lot, and he, of course, charmed her as he has charmed every nurse he's come into contact with so far.

On Saturday, I got up early to go to Urgent Care to have my bandage changed and repacked, and that took forever. Ex and I were waiting for two hours, and in that time he had a huge poop, needed a costume change, and got very hungry. I ended up having to nurse the baby in the waiting room, which I was prepared for - I bought a nursing cover the other day for just these kinds of situations. Of course about 10 minutes after I started, the nurse called me. Actually, it was a medical assistant, and a male, and I think he was a little thrown off by seeing me breastfeeding. But once we were in the back, all the nurses saw Jules and commented on how cute he is. Of course they did. When we got home, my sister came for a visit, and she had a great idea - she suggested we take Ex out to lunch. Usually when my family visits we send someone out to pick up some lunch for us (my brother has been getting these really yummy chef's salads from Hof's Hut), but she was feeling adventurous (and it was so hot at my house on Saturday!). We decided to go to Islands.

Islands was the perfect restaurant for a baby - they have something they call a "sling," which is just a little hammock to hold the car seat. I've never seen it before but I think it means we'll be going to Islands a lot in the future. It was perfect - Exton was quiet and content for almost our whole meal (he did get a little fussy toward the end). We had a great time.

When we got home, Angie was playing with him on the couch when she saw something on his thigh that she thought might be ringworm. She's a pre-school teacher so she's seen a lot of ringworm. I called the Kaiser advice nurse to see if they would tell us we could buy something for it and treat it ourselves, but unfortunately, the nurse said that if we really thought it was ringworm, we needed to take him to urgent care. I guess because ringworm is contagious.

I wasn't looking forward to going back to urgent care, but they have a separate one for kids, and that was perfect - there was nobody there. The nurse who checked him out wasn't 100% positive it was ringworm (it was a very small mark), so she called in another nurse to consult, and then the doctor took a look. Between the three of them they decided it was only a little eczema, which I also have. Apparently it runs in families, unfortunately. They told me how to care for it, and we were on our way. I'm glad it wasn't ringworm. I was afraid he'd picked something up from daycare. I know he will but after only two days?

Anyway, after that we had a quiet night at home. Sunday Ex and I were both kind of cranky and tired, but we went to visit my folks - I had to get out of Long Beach's heat! Culver City is usually about 10 degrees cooler. It was a nice visit, though short.

Here's a picture from our outing to Islands. Fun!

Mommy looks a little insane here!

*I talked to another mother who has twins in the infant room with Jules. She was effusive with her praise of the center, and in particular of Jules' teachers. She told me she had also been nervous when she started bringing her babies there, and that she still calls every day but that she was happy with the care her kids are getting. And when I hung out Wednesday morning, her children did seem very happy and content.

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