Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm sleepy and my eyes are red and wet from allergies.

I’m playing catch-up (ketchup*!) with my boss's secretary regarding a change my department made while I was out on maternity leave and Oh My God does she make it complicated. I asked her if it was possible to go to makeup training and instead she gave me a copy of the PowerPoint they got at the training I missed, and is attempting to tell me the web address for logging on to the new system. She has given me about 900 different ways of accessing the website AND NOT ONE OF THEM WORKS.

I am, how do you say, FRUSTRATED.

In other news: it's a beautiful day, I have accomplished many things today at work in spite of feeling like a zombie, I treated myself to a whole foot long Subway sandwich instead of just a 6" and wow was that a satisfying meal, I was on time to work, I had a weird dream last night that my sister was going to marry an ex-boyfriend I had a long time ago (a situation I don't think she would be happy about in real life), a woman at work told me I look great for having a 4-month old baby, my Snug Fit Pillow still hasn't come nor have I received a "your Snug Tuck Pillow has shipped" email and I'm starting to get pissed (if you SAY ON YOUR WEBSITE that orders take so long, than you should HONOR THAT STATEMENT or CHANGE IT), I am a proud mama who has pumped 15 oz. of milk so far today with one more session to go (that's one extra ounce per bottle; I usually only get 3-4 oz. at a time), I quoted Queen in a comment on my own blog (see the last posting) and now I can't get that song out of my head (I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!).

Today's bit of randomness: I want some roasted chicken.

*Who says this? Why do I now say it? Where did it come from? Why does it make me so happy? It's like "what's up / chickenbutt!", which some of my friends say and for some reason makes us all giddy like a room full of 9 year olds.

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