Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My adventure with LensCrafters, plus Bonus

I started writing this story out with paragraphs and parenthetical comments, and even I got bored. So here are the (mostly) salient facts:
  1. I got my glasses adjusted on Saturday at LensCrafters at the Fox Hills Mall (AKA "Westfield Shopping Center Culver City." Yeah: no). Apparently, during the adjustment, one of my lenses got damaged. Gotye and Def Leppard were the surprising soundtrack to this part of my adventure.
  2. Sunday, I went back and was all, "hello, my lens is damaged." They were understanding but told me I would have to go to the LensCrafters where I purchased my glasses.
  3. Sunday and Monday, I worried about replacing my lens. My prescription is strong: I am blind. My lenses are expensive. I just bought these glasses in January, and they are just barely out of warranty.
  4. After work on Monday, I went home to nurse my boy, who promptly fell asleep. Then I went to the Lakewood Mall (somebody told me this is the oldest mall in California, but I think that somebody was mistaken) LensCrafters, which was really really busy. Generally this kind of craziness in a store makes me totally batty, but they handled it well: they were polite and good about acknowledging my presence, so I waited patiently. I know. It's hard to believe.
  5. Finally the store manager, a pretty Asian woman (I have to get her name! She is only identified by a number on my receipt), came over to see me, and she examined my glasses. It didn't take her long to diagnose "crazing," probably caused by the heat of the adjustment. She accepted responsibility, and wrote up an order for new lenses, and would charge me... nothing. I practically jumped up and down (well: on the inside).
  6. Afterwards, in celebration, I went to the Gap, where I purchased two pairs of size 8 pants. They were also playing Gotye. What are the chances? I haven't been a size 8 in about... forever. I know there are people out there reading this to whom a size 8 is no big stinking deal, but to my fat ass, size 8 is pretty damn awesome. Also, the salesguy helping me was really nice. I didn't get his name, either, but he was very helpful. Also, nobody else was in the store. He tried to convince me that I'm not too fat/old for the Always Skinny (or whatever they're called) style of jeans, but I just laughed and stuck with my straight pair. Size 8, man! Sweet.

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