Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oh, so that's the kind of day it's going to be.

The baby was still asleep when I left for work this morning. He was lying in his bed, on his back, with one arm curled up around his head. He was a little squished over to the side, and his stuffed giraffe was on the floor (we accidentally left his kitty at my mom's this weekend, and he's been looking for it. I've been trying to substiute the giraffe but he's not really buying it). The other arm was under the new quilt I just bought him off of eBay (it's a Pottery Barn quilt, and sort of matches his sheets and bumper, which we left on even though we switched him to the toddler bed last week. The sheets and bumper are also from PB, and have an airplane motif, and the quilt has cars on it, but they're all the same shade of blue, and whether or not they match exactly doesn't really matter to me as long as they're all 100% cotton, and of that Pottery Barn quality that I like. And yay for eBay, because it was cheap). He looked so sweet there, just, so totally perfect, that (and, OK, this is going to get sappy, so if you're extra sensitive to that kind of thing, best if you just go now) it made me cry.

I kissed him very lightly on his forehead and crept out of his room. I went to the kitchen, where Patrick was making himself a cup of coffee. He didn't look up when I walked in the room, but he asked me if I had had my coffee. I said yes, but I guess I sounded strange, because then he asked me what was wrong. I said, "He's so cute!" and started to cry some more. We both started laughing, and now I'm laughing and crying, putting on my shoes, which, I don't even know why they were in the kitchen. He gave me a big hug goodbye, and then I left.

So I'm still kind of weepy, right, but I know I'm silly. I got in the car and turned on KROQ, where they were talking about yesterday's Olympic soccer game between the USA and Canada. Apparently it was a close, exciting game, and Kevin was telling us about it. Normally when Kevin and Bean talk about sports I turn it right off (and Kevin's stories are almost always unlistenable), but for some reason today I left it on. So Kevin's playing all this audio from the actual game, and talking about the overtime and crap, and it gets to the point where it turns out the US ladies had won the game. And he's playing the audio of the announcer and the crowd, and it was very emotional for me, apparently, that the US women's soccer team won their semifinal match against Canada, because there I was again, on the 605 freeway, crying.

About a soccer game.

Anyway, I got over it pretty quickly: I don't really even like soccer. It's possible that I am pre-menstrual. It's possible that I need a cookie.

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  1. In my world, PMS and needing a cookie are hand-in-hand.