Monday, August 6, 2012

One last thing: Jenna

People magazine has this inane feature on their very last page where they ask a celebrity some silly questions. I am always amused (or is it bemused?) by their generally stupid answers... I mean, what's so special about these people? And so I decided to play along. I'm just as fascinated by myself as they are. Or something.

Here's Jenna Elfman, who looks pretty damn awesome in the photo. 40 suits her. 

Jenna: We recently went camping for a couple of nights; the first time for the boys (sons Story, 4, and Easton, 2). [I love the name "Story"!!!] For me it was fine because I was in the RV. My husband (Bodhi, 42) was in a tent, and the wind and rain were so hard it pushed it straight down to his face. [Hmmm. Bet the 2 year old loved it?]  

Irene: Last August we went to Aptos for the annual Valentino family reunion. We took JP, who was, at the time, only 6-1/2 months old. It's what, a 6 hour trip? We made many, many breastfeeding stops along the way. We stayed in a very nice Holiday Inn Express in Watsonville. We're doing the same trip this year.  

Jenna: I'd have to cook in order to answer that one! [I don't get this answer. Is it supposed to be clever?] I put a great piece of toaster the other day and buttered it up real good. [I'm no cook either, so I better watch the snarky comments.]  

Irene: I microwaved a couple of leftover slices of pizza yesterday; I toasted a bagel; I made coffee; I fried JP an egg.  

Jenna: I was playing ninas with my sweet boys just the other night.  

Irene: We named Jules' stuffed giraffe "Martin" and were playing hide and seek with him, while I sang a little song about him, which went something like "Martin is a giraffe, giraffe, giraffe..." Does this qualify as a game? hey, at least I'm not introducing a 2 year old to the concept of "ninja."  

Jenna: In New York City. I always take the subway, always. It's theraputic [I think the word you're looking for, Jenna, is "plebian"]. It's honestly one of the most pleasurable things in life. It's so convenient and the people watching is awesome.  

Irene: Patrick and I went to Chicago and Washington D.C. before I got pregnant. We always love to travel someplace and then use public transportation. It's just so much more fun than renting a car. You learn a lot about somebody while you're trying to read the metro map.  

Jenna: This week I bought a bunch of shoes. I'm more able to resist buying everything in sight [well, lucky you, Jenna Elfman!], but Tom Ford is making great shoes right now and there is nothing I can do about it [again: is she trying to be funny?]. They're comfortable and the foxiest things ever.  

Irene: This question is so similar to the "last impulse buy" question they just asked Usher! I guess the spending habits of celebrities is what we're interested in. And damn, I did a Google image search on Tom Ford's shoes, and she's right: some of them are beautiful. Man, to have her disposable income!
She's really pretty.

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