Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello hello heaven

Last night on the drive home from the theater, Bo asked me what my favorite Yes song is.

Other than being a question that probably hasn't been asked in at least 20 years, I actually enjoyed discussing this with him. He used to work in a music store, and he has a wealth of knowledge about music. Not all of it is good music, but taste aside, he's fun to talk to about this kind of thing. As it turns out, his favorite Yes song is "Your Move," which most of us know as the opening of "I've Seen All Good People." I didn't know that "Your Move" was a single, but apparently it was. This is the kind of trivia that Bo knows. The thing that's kind of crazy is that these songs all came out in 1970. (One of us is old. Hint: it ain't me.)

We talked about and sang that song together for most of our drive home, and I never answered the question. Carpooling is so much fun, sometimes.

This morning, on my way to work, my iPod decided to play... "Leave It," by Yes. I'm not even sure when or why I downloaded that song (I think it might be the only Yes song I even have on my iPod), but I recently restored and updated my iPod so it's been playing songs I haven't heard in ages (and not playing my mom's Christian music!), which is cool. So I guess that's my favorite Yes song, because otherwise why would I have bothered to download it?

Later this morning I heard Jackson Browne's "Sky Blue and Black," another song I would never know about if weren't for Bo, and as always, I cried. What is it with that song that makes me cry? Am I just a total cornball? (Yes.)

Isn't it funny how music gets in your brain sometimes? I don't really think Jackson Browne is the greatest guy in the world; I'm not sure I'd like to know him personally (as opposed to say, Stewart Copeland), but he sure writes some beautiful lyrics sometimes.

Go listen to some music. It doesn't have to be Yes, or Jackson Browne... in fact, if I had my iPod out right now I might be listening to the Cars, or Radiohead, or my new David Byrne album. Enjoy whatever it is you enjoy. Turn it up, you know, loud.

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