Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our local Bristol Farms was turned into a Lazy Acres recently, and today we went over there to check it out. Mostly we were interested in the Groundworks coffee, but I also wanted to try the McConnell's ice cream. We've been shopping pretty regularly at Fresh and Easy for years now, which works great because I hate grocery shopping and F&E is small enough but well stocked that we get our weekly shopping done in about a half hour. What could be more perfect than that?

Lazy Acres is bigger than F&E but smaller than Whole Foods. They have everything you could possibly want, including an awesome sandwich bar. The hot buffet looked incredible. I saw pork ribs. The ice cream was delicious (I got salted caramel: HEAVENLY).

It was also cool being able to get Groundworks coffee without having to go all the way to Venice.

However. After walking around in there for awhile, I started to get a little panicky. There's so much stuff. The soft lighting seemed like it should be gentle on the eyes but I felt like I couldn't really SEE anything. And it was crowded. Someone always wanted something right where I was standing, or vice versa.

Now all this could just be me. My allergies are acting up, I know I need new glasses, I'm tired, I hate crowded grocery stores, I'm used to Fresh and Easy.

It's probably just me. Anyway, we'll be back. That ice cream was amazing.

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