Monday, February 25, 2013

An exercise (sort of) in futility

Last week I took my section's Toyota Prius in for its annual service. It's about a quarter of a mile across campus to the warehouse where our fleet services people are. This is the same place we pick up a vehicle if you need to go somewhere and the Prius isn't available. The distance means nothing: it takes about 5 minutes to get there. No problem, except when it's a wasted trip.

This morning, I called them up to find out if the Prius was ready to pick up. It was, I was told.

So I walked on down there, in heels, and when I got to the counter, was told that they couldn't find my keys.


Then I was told that they had my keys, but that the Prius was blocked by three other vehicles... and they couldn't find those keys.

The woman behind the counter asked me if I wanted to sit down, but instead I asked if I could use their restroom. She gave me the keys, and I went upstairs.

County restrooms crack me up. They're always full of mismatched furnishings, and amusing homemade-looking signs. This one was no exception. Of course I took photos.

What was wrong with the paper towel dispenser on the left?
Seriously, this is a serious question.
Is this really an area where technology can make a difference?

Can something be both sticky AND slippery?

No. You may not have any sort of feminine hygiene product. Don't even try.
Actually, go ahead and try. That's right,
put your money in. I see how you are.

There's only one toilet in this stall, but still.
Flush them all please thank you!

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