Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another dream

I'm not sure when I had this dream, maybe Monday night.
A boy (now a man, but who I still see in my mind as a 13 year old, as that's the last time I probably had any kind of interaction with him) I've known since kindergarten came to see me. We were never very close to one another (in fact, he was pretty mean to me sometimes, except for one time when he gave me a hand in climbing down from a high space; I'll never forget that tiny act of kindness) but I was best friends with his best friend's sister in elementary school, and the four of us were thrown together a lot, especially since that family was very generous and took us with them on many family camping trips, and had us all over all the time for sleepovers and things. We both practically lived with them in the summers. I will admit that he was a cute kid and I had a bit of a crush on him, but it never went anywhere (probably because I was nerdy and a goofball; he and the others were adventurous and athletic, while I was always the last one to jump in and do whatever they were doing, never with their level of skill), and he and his best friend (my friend's brother) enjoyed tormenting us with silly nicknames and teasing (they used to call us "Waffleheads," a meaningless but incredibly annoying appellation I still don't understand). Anyway, in the dream, this guy I haven't seen since Middle School (I'm sure he went to my high school but I can't remember ever seeing him there) comes to visit and he has a very specific message for me:
He wanted me to know that my 11th grade boyfriend, a guy I'm pretty sure he didn't even know, had cheated on me. 21 years ago.

That guy and I only dated for maybe 6 months, and I broke up with him while he was in rehab for some sort of drug habit I hadn't even been aware of (and no, I'm not proud of myself for this), but I will say that there is zero evidence of him being a cheater, and it was never an issue with us. I never suspected anything, I'm positive he never cheated on me, and I have no idea why my brain would imagine this, now. He was actually a sweet guy who made me laugh and took pretty good care of me while we were together.
So after this other guy makes his announcement, we end up on bikes (our preferred mode of transportation in elementary school), riding around a gorgeous park that bordered the freeway, and the section of the park we were in is higher than the freeway, so we could look down at the cloverleaf interchange. It was quite beautiful, surrounded by green grass and landscaping, the cars whirring by, and then, hey, I think I woke up.
Along with the crazy dreams, I've also been getting up to go to the bathroom a lot lately at night, and I've perfected the art of practically sleepwalking my way through the bedroom to the bathroom - I can do it with my eyes closed, which is no great feat, as my house is pretty tiny. I've opened them while in the bathroom to find that a little black and white cat has followed me from the bed and is waiting for me to pick her up and bring her back to the bedroom, which I always do. The two of us snuggle back in with Patrick and almost always go right back to sleep. Until the next silly dream or urge to pee hits us, of course.

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