Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today is Tuesday.

Today has been a much better day at work than yesterday. Thank you very much to those of you who contacted me via email or Facebook to tell me to hang in there. I was really tired yesterday, and I know that had a lot to do with it. And... though even I think this is mostly B.S., there will be a full moon tonight. For some reason I always get a little overly emotional at this time of the month. --> Keep reading:
And no, since we're sharing everything here today, I did not get my period. Yay!
For those of you wondering, there are non-baby things that I think about, and in fact I had something in mind just this morning, but unfortunately for you, I've since forgotten what it was. I do recall that I intended to write it down before I, you know, forgot it. Huh. Should've gotten on that sooner, I guess.

A minute ago I got an email from the baby's daycare that we need to schedule our "parent/teacher" conference soon, which is funny, because I speak to his teachers two times a day when he's there as it is. What more could we have to say to each other? This is actually the second email, so hey, maybe I'll call them up (though I know those emails are automated) and schedule something.

I ordered a Snug Tuck pillow for our bed last week, and I am going crazy with anticipation. Since we early on went against everything I thought I believed in regarding sleeping with your baby (I was against it until 3 weeks after his birth, when I realized we'd all get a lot more rest if I just let him in with us. And I don't even nurse in bed! And waking up to that sweet little face is something I will never give up!), and he's starting to try to roll over (I am so proud!), and I think Patrick would like to sleep with his head facing the right direction again one day, I started investigating bed rails. You can go ahead and do a search on Snug Tuck pillows and you will find a hundred blog posts exactly like this one (well, maybe not exactly) so knowing that what I have to say about the product (which I haven't even received yet) is going to be exactly like everyone else's comments... well, who wants to do that? Not me. Once it comes I'll post a photo, and a hopefully unique review.

(Snug Tuck pillow: a large bolster like pillow that attaches to the mattress on top of the fitted sheet to prevent baby from falling on the floor. Not squishy so baby won't, hey, get squished. Because a squished baby would be bad, right? I mean, I'm a new mom, but yeah, I think I'd prefer an unsquished baby. They're totally customizable, fabric-wise, and seem like the best solution. They get lots of loves on blogs and in mommy forums [full disclosure: I hate those forums! The information might be useful but they use so many annoying acronyms and cutesy sayings! "DD" for "darling daughter? Gag me. Just type the words! And who calls their daughter "darling daughter"? I don't know, they're not for me. I read somewhere that companies employ people to go in and correct the grammar on online reviews; I wish someone would do that with the way those people write in the forums [or here on this blog, yes, I know, shut up].] I looked at other guardrails and didn't like how hard they were. And, when J. eventually goes to his own bed [crib? what crib?] it will easily go with him. And the cover is washable. Mine is organic cotton, in a color I think they call "natural." It looks beige. Whatever, I just want it to arrive!)

There's an excess of parentheses and brackets in that paragraph. Oops. You know, somebody called me a "mommyblogger" today and I found that kind of annoying but I guess it's what I've been doing, so who am I to be annoyed? Maybe I'd better write another letter to Stewart Copeland soon.

Okay, so, I've exhausted all my words for today, I think. Gotta go make some more.

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