Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Harry Bosch is coming to TV!!!!

I'm so excited! I just read a little article in the LA Times that Michael Connelley is teaming up with the guy who writes the TV show "The Wire" to bring his character Harry Bosch, my favorite LA detective, alive on my TV!

It's time to remind you that way back in 2008, I pictured Val Kilmer as Harry, and I'd like to state again that I think Val would be the perfect choice.

WAIT. I just realized that Harry's eyes are brown, and Val's eyes are blue (extremely blue, like, lost in your blue eyes blue, where would you like me to go and when blue). "I just realized" means I checked Wikipedia. Hmmm. Maybe I need to revise this, because Harry's brown eyes are apparently a big deal. It doesn't mean Val couldn't wear contacts or the fact of Harry's eyes could be changed, but it seems like an actual brown-eyed man might be a better choice? Why waste the blue eyes behind contacts?

(Can you tell I have a thing about blue eyes? It's 'cause mine are boring old brown, I think.)

If not Val, then who? Great, now I have to rethink this.

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