Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today's songs

Patrick and Jules were watching TV when I left for work this morning at 6:06 a.m. (my new work schedule, 6:30 to 5, is working out perfectly. Traffic in the morning has been super light, and getting home around 5:45 most nights is so much better than 6:20), and one of the shows they watch is called "Fireman Sam." Patrick likes singing the theme song in a punk style. As I was walking out the door, I started singing Bauhaus' "Telegram Sam" and said, "I think that's what you're thinking of!"

Of course I had to listen to it in the car after that.

The rest of these songs fell in alphabetically.
  1. Telegram Sam, by Bauhaus (they started this journey!)
  2. Telepathy, by Lene Lovich (this song is so funny. I don't think she meant it to be, but what do I know? I've been having trouble with my sense of humor lately. "Trouble" as in, I don't get when people are messing with me - it's happened twice in a week! - and get my feelings hurt. Or maybe people just aren't as funny as they think they are. Could be either one, or possibly both.)
  3. The Telephone is Empty, by Love and Rockets (from Earth Sun Moon: a really great album. I might listen to the whole thing later)
  4. Telephone Line, by Electric Light Orchestra (makes me cry... what a dork)
  5. Tell 'em Boy!," by Mike Watt (I have no idea who's singing. Wikipedia is no help. I'll look it up later.)
  6. Ten Years Gone, by Led Zeppelin (this song took me right up into the parking lot; one of my all time favorite Zeppelin songs)
  7. Ten Years Gone, by Rockabye Baby! (cracks me up! If you don't know Rockabaye Baby!, and you have a kid, you should check them out. They do acoustic lullaby versions of real music, and it's pretty awesome. We have a whole bunch of them: Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Radiohead etc. JP likes them, too, but maybe because I always sing along. My only criticism is, sometimes they change the placement of the melody, or there's no obvious point at which it starts, so I'm listening to what I think is an 8 bar intro, waiting to start singing, and it turns out they've been in the melody section for 2 measures already.)
Now that I'm in the office, I'm continuing to listen from where I left off. I like the T section on my iPod. Note: I skipped some songs, so this is by no means representative of all the songs on my iPod! And, for some reason it synced my mom's music, so there's like, Dolly Parton and Jimmy Swaggert crap on there too. Obviously skipped!
  1. Tension, by Minutemen (just over a minute long: totally perfect in every way)
  2. Tentative Decisions, by Talking Heads (love the marching band beat)
  3. Terms of Psychic Warfare, by Husker Du (I let this one play twice. Totally reminds me of a Magnolia Thunderpussy song. Surprisingly pretty, and great lyrics)
  4. Territorial Pissings, by Nirvana (that off key opening drives me nuts! but once past it... awesome song)
  5. Testify, by Rage Against the Machine (better than coffee but I still drank mine)
  6. Thank You for Sending Me an Angel, by Talking Heads (Love!!!!)
  7. That's Entertainment, by the Jam (I wish I'd been more into the Jam as a kid. I love them now but this is perfect 80s teen soundtrack music)
  8. That's the Way, by Led Zeppelin (OK, this song is PERFECT. This is actually from my 80s teen soundtrack, for sure.)
  9. That Old Black Magic, by Keely Smith & Luis Prima (my brother bought this for JP. It's fun. And this is a great classic song. Keely rocks it.)
  10. That Was My Veil, by PJ Harvey and John Parrish (I was talking about yearning the other day... Polly Jean totally gets it)
  11. TheHollowEarth, by Thom Yorke (hate to admit it but I never listened to this before. I don't even know when I got this album! Glad I heard it now.)
  12. Thela Hun Ginjeet, by King Crimson (for some reason I only have a live version of this on my iPod, from their album "Absent Lovers" - needless to say, it's pretty damn perfect. By the way, "thela hun ginjeet is an anagram of "heat in the jungle." Bet you didn't know that! And these guys are such good musicians it's insane.)
  13. There's a Spy in the House of Love, by Animal Logic (Stewart Copeland's band; also I think he was married to the singer. Not exactly my favorite song... it's kind of corny. Sorry, Stew!!!)
  14. There's a Story in Your Voice, by Elvis Costello (with Lucinda Williams on vocals. I didn't think I would like this song... but I do. I'll be honest, I love Elvis but feel like THERE'S TOO MUCH MUSIC sometimes. How can anyone keep up?)
  15. There's a World, by Neil Young (this song is all science fiction-y to me. The harp, the timpani, the flute: what was he thinking?)
  16. There's Been an Accident, by Twilight Singers (Greg Dulli [from the Afghan Whigs]'s band. Really interesting song. I suggest you listen to it. It's almost but not quite got that feel of being in 8 that I love. I guess it's how the drummer is accenting the beat?)
  17. There's No Secrets This Year, by Silversun Pickups (fun, poppy, great beat, and I love when the guy sings too. The last few seconds are beautiful)
  18. There Ain't No Santa Claus, by Captain Beefheart (Shut up, Don!)
  19. There Goes My Gun, by Pixies (I wish I was this creative. Seriously. Geniuses.)
  20. There, There, by Radiohead, and Rockabye Baby!(my iPod battery needed to be charged at this point, so I switched over to my iPhone's music. I have a lot less to choose from. This is one of my favorite Radiohead songs. The Rockabye Baby! version is fun, too)
  21. This is Love, by PJ Harvey (again with the yearning, Polly Jean!!!!)
  22. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) by Talking Heads (I've said it before countless times: the best song ever)
  23. This World Over, by XTC (awesome 80s)
  24. Three is a Magic Number, by Blind Melon (Shannon Hoon and his bandmates do a fun, perfect version of this song. Oh, Shannon. Miss you.)
  25. Three Sisters, by the Veils (I love, love, love, the Veils!!!! That guy's voice is so rad. He's up there with Adrian Belew as one of my favorite singers)
  26. Tick, by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (I just got this album; I'm a few years behind. This is a sexy ass song.)
  27. The Tide That Left and Never Came Back, by the Veils (seriously, I can't recommend the Veils enough.)
  28. Tonight, by Lene Lovich (that's her playing the saxophone. She's a trip.)
  29. Too Real, by Meat Puppets (from one of my favorite albums. Every song is perfection.)
  30. True Love, by X (Ah, X. You would know about love, wouldn't you?)
  31. True Love Pt. 2, by X (Because once is never, ever enough.)
  32. Two Rivers, by Meat Puppets (see what I mean? Awesome song.)
And that wraps up the Ts. There's probably more on my iPod, which should be charged by now, but I am drowning in music now. My brain is totally full.

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