Monday, July 9, 2012

Random lyrics for you today

I know I blogged today already, but here I am, getting a bunch of work done while listening to my old friends, fIREHOSE. This song came around, and it's always been special to me.
Under the Influence of Meat Puppets, by fIREHOSE

The future holds a mystery
We talk but don't know
We hope but can't tell
We share but not all
The mystery holds fast
The future, scary
It eludes us though we try
To find meaning everywhere
We want to make plans
But to make another mistake
So difficult we care enough to try
So crazy so we sit and wonder
As a teen, which I was the first time I heard this song, the future was scary. Hey, you know what? Sometimes it still is.

A lot of times their lyrics aren't all that profound or sensical, and I know Patrick likes to make fun of Ed's delivery sometimes, but I like what they've done here. 

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