Thursday, September 23, 2010

From the list of "questions I never thought I'd ask myself"

"I wonder if I have the song "Home by the Sea" by Genesis on my iPod?"

The answer is "No." I only own Abacab. Looking at the track listing for the "Genesis" album, I can see why: those are some seriously hardcore soft rock songs. "Taking It All Too Hard" would be nice background music for, oh, I don't know, slowly bleeding to death.

Still. The fact that I wondered bothered me. On the other hand, what a fun song. Oh, I'm confused today.

Also, disturbingly, I have developed a fascination with Bruce Springsteen, a musician I used to hate. I used to mock my friends for liking him (Pauly, I'm lookin' at you). But I think I mentioned somewhere (here? Facebook?) that the song "Growin' Up" was used on the soundtrack for a pretty good, only moderately sappy Lifetime movie starring Elisabeth Shue and (dreamy) Dermot Mulroney called "Gracie," and when I heard it, a light in my brain went on. A friggin' LIGHT in my BRAIN. I saw the light, people, and the fact of the matter is, Bruce isn't so bad. So, Pauly, who you should know almost always forgives and forgets, agreed to burn me a CD.

"Born to Run" is excellent.

Yes, I realize I'm late for this train, but whatever. Aside from real admiration for Max Weinberg, Patrick remains staunchly not a fan of Bruce Springsteen and he was not pleased with this news (he got in my car the other day, and the radio was on. The song playing was some piece of crap by, I think, Blink 182, and he asked "Oh, so you're listening to Bruce still, huh"), but as he doesn't like lots of the music I like (and vice versa!) I'm not too worried about it. Still, if it becomes an issue, I can always blame the baby.

Hormones, you know.

(Happy birthday Bruce! You don't look a day over 45!)

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