Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy birthday to my dad!

On Sunday my dad turned 73! We took him out to lunch (Paco's Tacos in Westchester, which in my memory was better than it turned out to be... won't be visiting again anytime soon) and spent some time hanging out at my parents' house in Culver City. Dan bought a couple of pies (yummy lemon meringue!) and the coffee drinkers had coffee.

Here's a photo (my brother Andy had to go to work) of us. For those of you wondering what I look like pregnant... well, now you can see. Isn't my dad cute! I'm not sure what Patrick's doing with his right arm - it's making his shirt hang funny.

For those of you with sharp eyes, there's a family photo from about 18 years ago on the wall behind us. It's funny, but I remember the shoes I was wearing when we took that photo (lace up, black suede platform clogs. I LOVED those shoes). In the current photo I'm wearing brown leather flip flops. For anyone, I don't know, taking notes.

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