Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Wave Wednesday (and Thursday)

The last couple of days, I've been having a bit of a new wave revolution on my iPod. I don't have a ton of stuff (and this must be rectified) but what I do have has been on pretty much constantly since yesterday morning. What does this mean, exactly? Well, I won't list every song or artist I listened to, but three of them (Siouxsie and the Banshees, Lene Lovich, and Felony) were topping the list of favorites. Oh, wait, make that four: I was also enjoying all the Missing Persons songs on my iPod, though I always laugh at the backup singing. Oh, damn, make it five: and Bow Wow Wow, of course - "Do You Wanna Hold Me" is perfect poppy bliss. While listening this morning on the drive to work, I considered the idea that if I'm going to pursue this habit of listening to this kind of music, I need to apply more (read: some) eyeliner in the mornings.

Patrick suggested I add "Human Sexual Response" to my list of bands but while I agree they're a good example of New Wave, I just don't like their music.

(Aside: before our discussion of New Wave, we watched a video a friend loaned us on babies and forming an early attachment, and it was so sweet and powerful! Also the little babies on the video were all super cute. One of the moms interviewed mentioned how when she puts her baby to sleep, she plays "white noise" for the baby to listen to. Apparently this woman is under the impression that white noise helps her daughter sleep. We'd never heard of this idea, and so I looked it up this morning. I found that WebMD disagrees, and even states that white noise can delay a baby's development. However, last night, we wondered if, lacking any white noise, we might substitute Sonic Youth? Have there been any studies on the effects of No Wave on children? Finally, my last note on this topic, at the store where we purchased the crib and dresser over the weekend, they were playing these CDs that are baby-fied versions of real bands, like the Who, the Stones, and Radiohead. Totally silly, and, excuse me, RAD. I need that Radiohead one.)

Then this morning, KROQ played Nirvana's cover of Meat Puppet's "Lake of Fire," which is not in any way shape or form "New Wave," and it was revealed that none of Patrick's Meat Puppets CDs are on my iPod, and now the CDs themselves are missing. This is bad news, but, of course, nothing like being trapped in a mine for 69 days. Patrick and I also wondered if Curt Kirkwood made a lot of money when Nirvana did that cover. We hope so. We also hope if Cris got any of the money, that he didn't shoot it into his arm.

Last night I had a long complicated dream that started with me finding a black and white kitten (more black than white) with different colored eyes (one green, one blue) in my sister's closet and after my mother emphatically stated that the kitty couldn't live in their house, I left him with my brother Dan, who was going to set up a bed and get some food. I had to leave because I had to go pick up my friend Sarah for something we were going to do, which was never explained. I took off on my co-worker's commuter bike that looks a little like this (I don't remember which model he got, he just showed it to me yesterday; all I remember is that it's a Trek and cost less than $400) and drove around a neighborhood that was part Culver City (Sunkist Park area) and part semi-familiar dream location. I ended up at a liquor store that looked suspiciously like the Duck Pond in Culver City, where I left my bike outside and went in buy something. There were two pro cyclists there in their full on pro cycling gear, with these giant bikes, and they laughed at me because, well, a pregnant woman on a bike is pretty funny looking.

I left the Duck Pond and realized that I had to pick Sarah up, which I couldn't really do on a bicycle made for one, so I rushed back home, where for some reason I found myself on the following streets of Culver City: Farragut Drive (east of Overland), Selmaraine Drive (where a kid I knew since kindergarten lived, but I haven't seen since high school), Higuera Street, and all the streets behind El Marino Elementary School.

Anyway, then I woke up, surprisingly well-rested in spite of having a bit of a trial in falling asleep the night before, with my own black and white kitty (pretty even distribution of white v. black) curled up on my arm, sniffing my nose. Now why do you think she does that?

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  1. Human Sexual Response"...virgins die horny."