Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's that noise?

My hearing has apparently also been affected by this pregnancy (along with my feet, which pretty much all the time feel like two giant throbbing pieces of meat), or maybe it's just my common sense, because twice now I have thought I was going crazy based on something I heard.

One morning I started my car and after hearing an unusual noise, totally panicked. I thought, "Oh my god, why does my car sound like a lawnmower?" I turned the car off, and discovered that what I was hearing was an actual lawnmower. My neighbor was mowing his lawn.

Then one night I was getting ready to leave work, and I started my car, and I thought, "Whoa, what's that scraping noise?" I sat and listened and grew panicky, and then I looked around: the scraping noise was the sound of the hundred year old man who works in my building pushing his walker over to his beat up 1969 VW Beetle*.

And yesterday, limping down Santa Monica Blvd. to the theater, I kept thinking I heard someone calling my name. I wasn't walking fast enough to outpace anyone, and I kept checking behind me, but nope, nobody. Oh, well.

*Totally guessing on the year. It's either brown or rust-colored, and the back seat appears to be full of newspapers. Still, this guy shows up to work every day and leaves at the same time I do, and I hope when I'm a hundred years old I'm still doing something on a daily basis like that, though I would like that thing I'm doing to not be... going to work.

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