Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I wonder what it is about the words "sorry not to bug" that drive me so crazy I start to itch?

One of my co-workers has what I consider to be bad habits. One is approaching me when I'm in my cubicle (where, admittedly, she had nothing to do with the poor layout; it's not her fault my back is to the doorway) and then coming up so close to my chair that if I turn my head too much... well, let's just say it's very uncomfortable positioning for one of us (me). Personal space is an unknown concept to her. Another is talking to herself when signing out on the whiteboard (conveniently located behind me). She says her own name, then she goes, "Out... to... back... there..." Seriously. Close your mouth, please. Oh, and she also likes to put her things down on my desk while checking out on the board. Come on, that's just rude. But the worst is, whenever she needs to speak with any of us in the office, she prefaces each encounter with "Knock, knock! Sorry to bug!" Sometimes she says "Sorry to bug you" but more often than not, she leaves it off.

She has maybe three or four encounters on a daily basis with our co-workers and she starts almost all of them with those words. "Knock, knock! Sorry to bug!"

When I first got this job, I thought she was sweet, smart, and interesting. Now I know better.

(I had to go back and check to be sure, but awhile back, maybe even last year around the beginning of the year, I had gone on a walk with this woman and a couple of other people. She stumbled in the parking lot, and in the process of not falling on her face, happened to reach out and grab... my left breast. To steady herself? The other two on the walk didn't even notice but believe me, I did. Anyway, neither one of us mentioned it, I was all shell-shocked, but silently, and ever since then, have tried to keep my distance from this woman. The other things she does that bug have been building up since then. It's possible it was an accident, but no. I'm pretty sure it wasn't. The grab was much too deliberate and perfectly executed.)

Anyway, seriously, I'm sneezing a lot today anyway, but just a few moments ago she had a "knock, knock" moment with someone else in the office... and I think I now have a rash. Thanks a lot.

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