Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sit down, shut up

Just about covers how I'm feeling about work right now.

On the other hand, rocking out to this song (thank you, Radiohead!! I know I got the title wrong in the title of this post!) while trying to avoid all the slamming doors, personal telephone conversations and outright lamer-ness going on around me seems like an excellent idea. (Insert funky laser beam sound effects here!)

Today's superduper playlist:
  1. Kiss and Tell, by Bryan Ferry
  2. Sit Down, Stand Up, by Radiohead
  3. Eddie's Gun, by the Kooks
  4. Where the Wild Roses Grow, by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (creepy song)
  5. Golden Birdies, by Captain Beefheart (Those little golden birdies! Look at them!)
  6. Guy Danse, from Suite Africaine (this was pre-show music for a City Garage show, and I fell in love with this CD)
  7. Isn't It a Pity, by George Harrison (performed by Billy Preston and Eric Clapton)
  8. Terror Couple Kill Colonel, by Bauhaus
  9. Mr. Moustache, by Nirvana (is that "poo as hard as a rock"!?)
  10. Not Great Men, by Gang of Four
  11. Excursions, by A Tribe Called Quest (gotta be a winner all the time!)
  12. Salute Your Solution, by the Raconteurs (sometimes I love Jack White, and sometimes I don't. This is from a pretty good album, though!)
  13. I'm Waiting for the Man, by the Velvet Underground
  14. My Heart Would Know, by Hank Williams (I downloaded this for my mom, but I like it, sorta)
  15. How Deep It Goes, by Heart (100% cheese... but pretty)
  16. I Hope You're Happy Now, by Elvis Costello & the Attractions
  17. Still Can't, by the Cranberries (the Cranberries always make me feel 19 again, and not necessarily in a good way)
  18. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, by Devo (I can't get me no!)
  19. Sex and Dying in High Society, by X
  20. Send His Love to Me, by PJ Harvey (PJ gets me every time with the 6/8 time signature)
Bonus: Across the Universe, by David Bowie. The way he sings "nothing's gonna change my world," makes me think the unspoken words should, "unless it's a really cool pair of shiny platform boots."

OK, it's time to get back to work.

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