Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lately I've been having some crazy, extremely detailed dreams.

I know I said I wouldn't tell you every time I had a weird dream, but this one was particularly... weird.

Last night, I dreamed that I had chosen to rent a room from my friend Shira's parents.

I've known Shira since the sixth grade, and in real life, her folks live not too far from my own parents. In the dream, their home was just a block or two from the ocean, with a semi-private access lane. Those words, "semi-private access lane" were, for some reason, important to the description of this dream. I woke up thinking about them. The dream started with me walking down this access lane from the house to the beach at night. Several black cars passed me, and one of them was a hearse.

I stopped in my tracks and took a closer look at these cars. Inside them all, they had what appeared to be a horse. I was freaked out by now, and so I turned around and headed back to Shira's parents' house.

When I got there, there was a large crowd of people in the front of the house, all peaceful, all acting like it was okay for them to be there. Out of the crowd came Shira and another person, who turned out to be a woman I know from City Garage, Sharon. I don't know they know each other, but in the dream they did. The three of us stood on the front porch of the house (the front porch was gorgeous - all glass and sparkling lights and wood) and I told them what I had seen. They explained to me that the people with the "horses" were protesting... something too complicated for me to remember now, and that they were leaving the "horses" in a pile at the beach. Later there would be a bonfire. They weren't real horses. The three of us went into the house, where it looked like Shira's parents were having a normal night. I'm not even sure they were aware of the crowd in front of their house.

I went upstairs with Shira and Sharon, and showed them my room. Sharon left us to use the bathroom. Shira was surprised at the room I had chosen, which was not her own old room. I'd picked a smaller room, but one that had a separate "sitting room" that separated it from the hallway. I told her that it was more convenient because it was closer to the bathroom. That seems smart: I've been going to the bathroom about 12 times every night lately. It was a long, narrow room, and some of the previous inhabitant's (her brother's?) furniture was still in there. I had barely unpacked. For some reason I had a huge wall-full of CD's - more CD's than I own in real life. We do, actually, have a pretty large collection of CD's, but I never listen to them anymore: I have everything on my computer, and on my iPod, but in the dream, I had this whole wall that looked like it belonged in a radio station.

After Shira and I had looked around for awhile, her dad came upstairs to speak to me. He wanted to borrow a CD.

Now, I haven't seen Shira's dad in person in a really long time, but I can say with absolute positivity that in real life her dad looks nothing like Matt Lauer. However, in the dream? He was Matt Lauer.

Anyway, it's pretty funny, because my collection of music (in the dream) contained all this crazy stuff as well as a very large portion of rock and pop, and of course it was all arranged alphabetical by artist. I actually rather wish I had all this music: it was pretty cool. The CD her dad asked to borrow was by U2. I'm pretty sure that between Shira and her brother, the two of them have much more interesting musical choices but there it is. The CD I ended up loaning him was "Zooropa," which I don't even own and am pretty sure I've never even heard.

After that, we left my room and were walking through a little living room area, where there was a TV and a couch (separate from my private "sitting room," which at this point, was empty). I'd better point out that I spent a lot of time with Shira in middle school, and I never remember watching TV. I'm not even sure if they had one in those days. But in my dream, they did, and it was on. The show playing looked like an old sit-com from the early 80s. We stood around to watch the credits, which were animated, and very much dominated by the color yellow. As each actor was introduced, an animated picture of them and their name appeared on the screen. The first person? Kirk Cameron. The second person? Betty White. The third person? Sharon, who was standing right next to us. In real life, Sharon's an actress (she was in "Quartet" by Heiner Muller at City Garage, one of the first shows I did the lights for. That show was amazing, and high in my list of favorites. She was also in, at City Garage, "The Battle: ABC," and she's been in some movies and I know has done other theater work. I don't think she's ever been in a TV show with Kirk Cameron and Betty White, though! No idea why my brain created this little fiction, or any of this, actually.

After that, I'm not sure what happened. I must've gotten up to use the bathroom again, and when I went back to sleep, I lost the train of this dream. Later I dreamed that I was at a skating rink, putting on skates, when a young, tough, Hispanic woman approached me and said I needed to get my skates "sharpened" and that if I were taking lessons, I would know this. I told her I didn't have a teacher, and asked if she knew anybody. She hesitated, then suggested herself. Next thing I knew I was ice skating with this woman, who was dressed like Jennifer Warren as the skating coach in "Ice Castles" (long brown fur coat), and yelling at me to keep my head up.

It was a very strange night of dreams, but nothing really unpleasant. I liked every second of it, to be honest, and was sorry to wake up.

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