Thursday, July 1, 2010

My iPod loves me again - and it all started with "A Forest"

I haven't really been listening to music on my commute lately. Instead I've been listening to podcasts, or NPR, or traffic on KNX 1070 (in between the millions of commercials and ten second stories that pass for "news" on that station). Last night I had to stop at the Kaiser pharmacy to pick up a prescription on my way home, there was a ton of traffic, the sky was blue, and I felt like music, so I fired up my iPod.

I lucked out.

It all started with the Toadies' version of "A Forest" by the Cure. That's an excellent song (I love the original, but the cover, which retains the repetition and creepilicious vibe, has a bit of a harder edge and a slight push that I love so much), and after listening to it (several times; traffic on the 5 was slow), I finally cued up the original, which I remember listening to while lying on the floor in Missy's room way back in the 80s while looking at her NaNa catalog and talking about boys. I'm pretty sure she had that funny shag carpet (was it lime green?); she probably had pink or purple hair. I was my usual dorky self.

And then my iPod played the rest of these amazing songs.
  1. 25th Floor, by Patti Smith
  2. One Life's Enough, by the Who
  3. Sonny's Burning, by the Birthday Party
  4. Love You To, by the Beatles
  5. I Wanna Be a Bear, by Descendents
  6. Crosseyed and Painless, by Talking Heads
  7. The Telephone is Empty, by Love & Rockets
  8. Radio, Radio, by Elvis Costello
  9. Stare Too Long, by Corrosion of Conformity 
  10. Yer Blues, by the Beatles
I pulled up to the house howling "Yer Blues" along with John Lennon, and I felt so good about it. Nice! Thanks, iPod! Good work!

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