Friday, February 12, 2010

Crazy week!

On Monday, my mom got her CT scan. We're waiting to hear from the doctor's office still, but hopefully all will turn out well. Everybody's had good things to say, and she's doing okay. I left a message for Dr. McRobot, and hopefully we'll hear from him soon, with good things too.

Also on Monday, I started getting my allergy shots (for those rascally allergies to grass, dust, and the dreaded olive tree). While I was at Kaiser, I got a call from Patrick, who was also at Kaiser that day, because he'd been sick. Turns out he has bronchitis... and, the flu. Now, because we both got our flu shots this year (last year, in the drive-thru flu shot line), apparently his doctor said that he may have been exposed to H1N1.

Before you freak out, you should know that the doctor wasn't sure. But I decided to go see my doctor about the vaccine anyway. I mean, I was there. Now, it's possible that it was too late: if I was gonna get sick, I probably would have already, right? But it seemed like a good idea to me, so we went and did it anyway.

Then I saw my dermatologist, who was to check out that other problem.

It had been an exciting day, and I'd never seen this dermatologist before, so I'm sitting in the room, wearing that thin little robe thing, nervously checking out the diplomas of my doctor (Northwestern and Harvard), who, up until this moment, I had thought... was a woman.

When the door opened, however, and Dr. L came in the room, and he was a man, well, it was too much. I don't know why it was too much: I've shown my breast (and the other one too) to men before, but for some reason, all the crap of the day, of the week before, of the weekend: it all came out when I said,

"I didn't know you were a man!"

The guy was nice, though, and he handled my nerves (my nerves, you sickos) well. He listened to my stupid story politely, we discussed what I thought he would see, then he took a quick peek at the problem area, and determined that it was... nothing serious at all.

Anyway, it's all fine now. I didn't get sick, but I do have a sore throat and a headache, however, I make you a solemn promise: from here on out, I will not discuss any symptoms I maybe be having. The end.


Oh! Then on Wednesday? It was my birthday! Patrick was starting to feel a little better, so we spent the day relaxing and hanging out. It was a great day, capped off by a terrifically delicious dinner at Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood. I have only good things to say about it, especially the amazing butterscotch budino (pudding) dessert. Maybe we're the last two people in LA to go there (I still haven't seen "Avatar") but wow. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Yesterday I went back to work, where I had to deal with one unpleasant person (why are guys so unprofessional and they get away with it? If a woman acted the way... well, I'd better not say any more), a huge pile of stuff, plus a new project, but you know what? That's what work is. If it was easy... everybody would do it.

(That phrase really has nothing to do with anything but for some reason I like it.)

Now it's day 1 of a four-day weekend, and I've got nothing to complain about. Nothing. So? It's a good thing. See you later.

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