Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh, NBC, you disappoint me in so many ways.

Last night was the ladies' figure skating, short program. I like figure skating. My friend in elementary school did it, she got to wear pretty outfits, and I liked "Ice Castles," and I had a Dorothy Hamill haircut when I was little. It's exciting, dramatic, athletic, impossibly technical, emotional, beautiful: what's not to like? I think I'm not alone in this, either. And I know that what I am about to say has been stated already by others, and my two cents are no different or better said than anybody else.

But still.

WHY THE HELL DID THEY THINK I COULD STAY UP UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON A WEEKNIGHT TO SEE THE SKATERS I WANTED TO SEE? I tuned in at 8 p.m., and NBC was showing... the finals for ski cross. Granted, ski cross is pretty cool, but this is not what I wanted to see. So I waited. And yes, eventually I saw the girl from Turkey, Tugba (awesome name) skate. She did a great job,and I loved her outfit. One of the TV announcers said, "Of course she has no chance of a medal..." which I think is stupid. Don't handicap the thing while it's happening. Does he know? Maybe ALL THE OTHER GIRLS WILL SUCK. Maybe she will skate the program of her life! So maybe this is the point when I started to get aggravated. Then, sometime later, I did get to see Marai Nagasu skate (she's so fun to watch, she really is my favorite)... and then I fell asleep. On the couch. With all the living room lights on and the TV blaring and Patrick playing music in the other room and NO I WAS NOT COMFORTABLE. I was pissed off, actually, so I was "mad sleeping." Have you ever done that? It's no fun. It causes serious aggravation.

When I woke up at various moments between Marai and 10:30, what did I see? Ski cross finals. Women's bobsled (also exciting, but not what I wanted to see). Various commercials. Bob Costas. But where was the figure skating? Finally, at 11 I woke up one last time, and I got to see Kim Yu-Na... and then I was so fed up I just went to bed.

I missed the whole thing, pretty much, and I was really disappointed.

Seriously, NBC, you're killing me. And you know what? "The Marriage Ref" looks like a really stupid show. Good luck with that one.

Thursday night when they do the long program, I have flute choir, and so I won't get home until 10 p.m. If they stick to this schedule it will be fine. If they do something different I will be screwed. And while I have really enjoyed most of the other things I've seen of the Olympics, I will remember it only because I missed the stuff I most wanted to see. That sucks, NBC. You suck, NBC.

There. I'm finished.

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  1. Their broadcasting is nothing short of horrific!